Making a "Story" Let's Play type video series. Need help

I’d love to get back into doing Let’s Plays, and I find that i could do a lot with Stonehearth as a storied game. By that I mean, instead of talking about how I’m playing the game, I could talk about who is doing what, sleeping with who (I’m really hoping we can assign beds and maybe even chairs eventually), and who will eventually leave to go found town number 2.

I aim for it to be an entertaining drama type story with a sort of script for dialouge, heavily edited down so as not to be boring. Machinima maybe? Although I wasn’t going to do voices, now that I think of it maybe I should?

Screw it, it’s gonna me a Machinima series. Anyway, I need help on two fronts:

What is a SIMPLE and FREE editing program I can use to cut filler out and put audio in with?
and the fun part:
I need names, everybody. The in-game names are great, but I fear there will be too much overlap. I’d like unique last names at least, so that I’m not using the same names your Hearthlings are and therefore not really making individual characters you can remember and love (or hate). Feel free to include personality traits as well, especially for the first 7 settlers.

So post some names (nothing TOO clever or silly or celebrity-y) and if you havea good editing program in mind, gimme a link. I’ll even accept cheap ones as long as they work well. I’ll be using Open Broadcast Software to record, which is easy, free, and works pretty well at recording multiple windows at once (like putting your webcam feed over the game).

Give me some good names and personas for Hearthlings you’d like to watch a show about, and ideas for free or cheap editing programs.

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Another thing. Is there a way to edit stats in game? I know I can change names at any time, but I just don’t want to have to hit ‘Randomize’ 400 times to get a good group of stats/faces.

you should be able to change the stats through console commands, though i dont know what command that is, i think @Tuhalu might know.

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1/ Select a Hearthling.
2/ Open the console (or not if its already open).
3/ Type: set_attr mind 6 to set your hearthlings mind to 6. Can also adjust body and spirit in same way. Can choose any number between 1 and 6 as you’d expect.


Sah-wheeeeet. Thank you!

I’m a LPer (or at least I’m a LPer who has been terrible with keeping up with recordings as of late. college eats up too much time orz), so I can redirect you to some decent stuff, but for anything that’s actually good, you’ll either have to spend some money or go to that one place that talks about pirates who live in a bay. n-not that I’ve ever been there. anyway, if you actually intend to upload anything, you’re gonna need legit copies anyway, because while copying will hardly get you in trouble, making a profit off of it will, so no downloading. but then again you already made it clear that you will be recording with OBS, so you’re safe anyway.

for merging videos, I use freemake. for splitting and cropping videos, I use dxtory. for merging video with audio… not sure if dxtory can do that, and to my knowledge, you will need to drop some money for that. yes, there is 1 program that everyone knows of that technically works. don’t use it, it’s terrible. it’s windows media editor or something like that. like everything else microsoft makes, it’s terrible. and sadly there aren’t really any free/open-source programs that I know of that do what it does. sony vegas is good, although you’ll either need to buy it coughordownloaditcough.

*sets mind to 9
*suddenly my hearthling turns into a girl
*puts on a blue dress
*starts shouting “atai! atai!”
*name changes to “cirno”

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set_attr mind 6 is an ‘unknown command’ :frowning:

type help in the console, it’ll give you all the commands. and if it works like other consoles, you can even use “help set_attr” or whatever the proper command is to see how its used

I myself am a new YouTube.

I use Blender for all my video editing needs… It works great once you set it up right. :smile:

That’s the first Youtube video of a tutorial on how to set it up and a few basics… It’s a little outdated so you’ll have to be a bit creative. :smiley:

Woops. I keep forgetting what needs what. Pretty sure you’ll need this debugtools mod to use those commands.

Not 100% sure, but I assume I click your link, go to debug tools, download, unzip, and put the folder that has the OTHER folders in my mods folder correct?

Unzip the contents directly into the mods folder, then change the name of the folder from debugtools-master to debugtools. The master thing is something github does and it won’t work with that folder name.