Hey guys! Can you give me some feedback on my Stonehearth videos?

So I have had Stoneheath for a while now but I haven’t played it all that much. I have decided to make a let’s play on youtube and I’d like to get some feedback from you guys!



hey there @WretchedSour … welcome aboard! :smile: :+1:

keep up the good work on the channel!

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A couple things, mute your browser audio during recordings :slight_smile: also you have breathing noises on your mic you may need to re-position your Mic.

Outside of that some general advise

  • Practice, Practice and more Practice
  • Make sure you have content regularly on your channel doesn’t have to be every day but if you disappear for a couple weeks so will your viewers (I took two months off and I’m still trying to recover)
  • Be respectful of subreddit / forum rules when you self promote
  • Finally have fun with it! Recording should be a fun activity, if you aren’t having fun it will come through on your videos

@WretchedSour Not a bad start dude… i only had time to watch 2 mins of the first episode (i have subscribed and also bookmarked you).

This is my advice:

  1. I know you have only just started and it can be quite nerve-racking (just look at my early videos YouTube)… My advice on this part would be, imagine that you are talking to your best friend in a video conference and showing him this game… Although everyone get’s nervs and i am guessing that’s where the breathiness comes from?

  2. As @Krovikan said, practice (i don’t know if the recording/streaming software you use let’s you play it back before you upload, but most of them do… if it does, then record an episode as if you were going to upload it. Watch it back, delete it… repeat this about 3-4 times until you are happy with the result.

  3. and most importantly make it fun (not for us… for YOU… the second that YOU are having fun with it, it will come through on your video and other people will have fun watching)

Extra tips:

. Try to SMILE when you talk
. If anything bad happens in the game or if you make a mistake in it… take the PISS out of it and laugh at it, (but don’t force or over do it, because then it will sound forced/fake)
. watch other Stonehearth Let’s Play’s and get a feel for how other people do it… use some of their ideas yourself, but try not to copy 100% because that will also show :smile:
You can watch MY stonehearth videos here YouTube (if you want to) @Krovikan is another great artist.

That’s really all i can say, good luck man