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I really am not too sure … I don’t think expand/collapse boxes work yet, and the headings for each section aren’t centralized like they are in the preview so I’m not sure what’s doable!

Very nice work so far Geoffers! Here are a couple other sources you may or may not have missed with some interesting tidbits!

  1. "We will have some natural disasters. For sure fire and man-made disasters like plagues. Earthquakes would be tough, but we’ll see what we can do. ;)"

  2. overview for Ponder

  3. overview for inkblotSRK

Hmm… I feel like a stalker now :confused:

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Ha, don’t worry I already got a lot of the info from their Reddit accounts when I started the thread, so you’re not alone there!

Thanks for the info, I’ll incorporate it into the Q & A!

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This is news to me. I wonder what they have in mind for that exactly? A full-fledged game or an additional mode down the line similar to Minecraft’s adventure update?

Off topic: Also, I am starting to really like Discourse. When I highlighted that text to copy it an option popped up to quote it in a reply. So cool.

Yer it’ll definitely be a case of wait and see - interestingly enough Timber and Stone recently released it’s 1.1 update which contained an ‘Adventurer’ class, which allowed you to explore the world in first person.

Here’s the [url]video[/url].

Discourse does seem to take a little while to get used to, but it seems pretty clean, easy, and fluent so far!

Just testing to see if this works.

Indeed. We’ll have to wait and see how the whole “no pages” thing works once these threads start to get pretty big.

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…I just like adding unnecessary links …

Ah man, I thought it just sent you up each comment individually - should probably have clicked it before putting in those links!

Nevermind eh.

Updated kickstarter picture - Animal Trainer!

Updated Modding Information - Qubicle Constructor + 3DS Max!

Updated - Seasons and Difference between Animal Trainer and Beast Master!

You might find it easier to ctrl + f to the sections you want, search for:

  • Character/ Races
  • General [color=purple][size=11][/size][/color]
  • Gameworld [color=purple][size=11][/size][/color]
  • Combat
  • Construction
  • Release
  • Modding
  • Engine
  • Multiplayer [color=purple][size=11][/size][/color]
  • Suggestions [color=purple][size=11][/size][/color]

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