Plumbing / Water Delivery Systems

i am fairly certain this is the case… quoting from the campaign page:

The heart of the game is city building and management.

combat will have it’s role, but the emphasis is on the above, making SH (in my mind) a slightly more casual experience …

Well I have no first hand experience with this, but AFAIK water is a serious danger with regards to mining and mine shafts. They are often large, very deep holes in the ground, with little if any thing in the way of drainage. I seem to recall at least a couple of different news articles in the last 20 - 25 years regarding mining deaths related to water infiltration.

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I expect there would be some sort of early water filter that you could make to clean the water a bit, oh and I think the disease would come from things like dead bodies lying around, uncooked/rotten food, and having dirty unfiltered water.

it all relates to pressure if it’s from the top it all floods, but if it happens near the bottom of the tunnel it won’t flood much more than the water pressure allows.

I don’t know if this has been brought up, but if they put water in I would love to maybe irrigate. Like you layout the buildings , but with water so if you wanted a river going through your city and you could put a bridge go over it. Like this.

Water was discussed here and there. The search-function reveals some interesting hits which might be a good starting point to enter an existing discussion:

However, no specific discussion yet about bridges I think :wink:.

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just a quick cross post comment from @sdee on water:

We’re withholding water until we have a better sense of how we want it to work gameplay-wise. We don’t want it to just be aesthetic.

Have another suggestion for gameplay.

To go along with hunger, what about thurst?

Everyone needs water.

You could collect buckets of water from a water source near by or by building a well that could be in the middle of your village/ city square.(just like picking berries)

Water could also be used by crafters too:
weavers to make dyes
Masons to make bricks and cobblestone.
blacksmiths to help forge weapons and armour
Magma-smiths can use water to cool and solidify magma when making whatever it is they will craft.
Brew-masters will definitely need it to create delicious ales

any thoughts on this concept?

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well with idea with everyday use of water theres problem of disease Health Care (Classes) / Disease and plagues but nobodies actually said to use it for crafting like better smithing ale solidifying magma dyes cement etc.) but this idea is good and can easily be developed on

indeed! will just quote my earlier quote here… :smile:

We’re withholding water until we have a better sense of how we want it to work gameplay-wise. We don’t want it to just be aesthetic.

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To take this thread back to topic, I personally love water systems. Everything about pipes, pumps, watergates, fountains, dams. I think a lot of this can be realised without breaking too much of the theme.

well, the good news is, Radiant already has designs for full irrigation systems to (among other things) aid in the farming process (if the player chooses to get a little more hands on in that area)… :+1:

Pff, farming. I want water powered contraptions. Elevators. Furniculars. Perhaps even dip into electricity a bit.

There’s nothing that says “power” like having giant 50m tall gates that open magically with hydraulics. Also, they could crush enemies.

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