Thirst, watering crops and hygiene. The water well

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  1. Why not add thirst alongside hunger. (instead of grabbing two plates of food, why not one food and one water.)

  2. Water for the crops to make them grow. (The crops would totally thank you for it ;))

  3. And washing for hygiene and health? (Did someone mention plague/ diseases? I do belive so!)

Now I understand flowing water is difficult, so I’m not asking for that.
What I was thinking instead was to be able to dig a water well.

You could start out with a “brought along” supplie to get you started.
Then have workers/miners? dig the water well, and then have stone mason and carpenter
to finish the job.


I know that number 2 is a part of the planned farming system :slight_smile:

I really like the idea of hygiene though, that’s a new idea.

A plate of water? :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi @zoey_winters welcome to the humble discourse :slight_smile:

For number 1, I would say that it doesn’t seem to fit well. (No pun intended) what would you do make a well and then pump water buckets out and bring it to your stockpile? it seems a bit of a waste tbh. Although you could simply have it that they need to be close to a water source and then they would go drink by themselves.

Number 2 @thorbjorn42gbf covered

and Number 3 I would say it is a good idea as well, but it would have to work like number 1 in that they would go to water source by themselves and wash up.

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Yay :smile:

Haha xD

Thank you ^^

I like this solution!
I do like the idea of having buckets in the stockpile too tho xD I like filling up my stockpiles haha

hey there @zoey_winters… welcome aboard! :smile:

i think all your points have been touched on, but just to point you to one related (specific) topic, here’s one on irrigation systems…


Thank you :smile:

I must have missed it doing the search last night with my sleepy eyes xD I do apologize!
Happy to see it’s out there :blush:


i like this idea,

the well could possibly work like the carpenter/weavers workbench when you tell them to maintain a certain amount of something in the stockpile, and could be used by the workers.