Crops need water ( or to be near water) to grow

My thought would have it set that crops would have to be within a certain proximity of water to grow, of course, the radius would depend on the crop. We could also have as the farmer would need to bring water to the crop and water them.


well since there is so little water and no real way to transport it yet it would at current be a bad idea

but I do love that your farmers would need to water or near near to a water source
how about a well could be built that would be able to supply it?


this would (currently) just add another constraint to where you want to build.
not only can you not farm at all on mountains but it would also be required to be near water.

Perhaps there could be rivers at some point with waterfalls because that would be cool.


Or add irrigation, which would make Engineers have more use


cannot wait

sign me up


Yeah, once they get water physics actually working, I would love if they would introduce a soil fertility/hydration mechanic. The staple crops available to RC would of course need much less water than those of the Ascendancy. The could also add plants like sugar cane and rice that need a lot of water to successfully grow.

This could also be tied into weather and rain mechanics. Rain could water the crops, reducing the irrigation needed in terrain that has frequent rain. Again, any desert settlers would need to put quite a bit more effort into keeping their crops watered. I did have the though that rain should actively raise water levels. So if you build your town on the edge of a lake, you risk flooding. Also, there should be a distinction between dirt and stone, where water just seeps into the dirt but accumulates on hard rock. If you have an exposed stone pit, water would slowly build in it with every rainfall. Or if your entire town is paved over, you need to design in drainage.

Just a few thoughts. No idea how much is feasable feasible.


I’d hope for a way to make wells, so you don’t have to pass up an amazing location for a town just because there isn’t any water nearby.


This post right here could provide a solution to some of the problems.

Yup, that’s the idea, because most people forget that one of the main components of soil is water and there is no need for canals and water bodies to be present somewhere to have very well hydrated crops. It’s actually dictated by rainfall and humidity which my upcoming seasons and weather mod will try to cover.