Water should become important

I have been playing hours of this game and I absolutely LOVE it! I believe this game will become amazing with all the help they are currently getting from their supporters. Anyways, I want to leave a suggestion to the organizers and hopefully they read it. I believe if they somehow start to make water more important in the game, it could open so many more opportunities for the game to grow in depth.
Imagine the strategy behind having to settle close to a water source, to be able to clean oneself now and then before you become ill from all the dirt. Or imagine how cool it would be to make irrigation ditches to go to ur crops! The possibilities are endless!

If anyone thinks that this is something the Amazing developers should add then please lets get some replies and views on this topic.


Even if it’s not using the terrain physics and actually moving “real” water around it would be nice to see water get more love. For example Hearthlings drinking or bathing, wells, irrigation pipes that improve soil and need one end of the pipe sitting in a pond.


I hope they will add some features to the water. The irrigating system would be nice especially for the Rayya’s Children in the Desert.

I agree, farming is a little too simplistic as it stands. Building irrigation and other water items, like wells, would improve the quality of your hearthlings lives and add worth to your town to attract more hearthlings. I think there are a lot of possibilities where water is concerned.


I think medium-to-long term this is definitely the direction to go. WAAAY back in the day (during the KS campaign) Radiant talked about how they wanted to allow this sort of stuff in relation to farming; irrigation to improve soil and so forth. I would definitely like to see this to improve crop yield or to give the crops higher quality (ala Harvest Moon?).

Other possibilities (clean drinking/bathing water improving town value I really like) are definitely interesting, but I want to see farming beefed up a little first.


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A fisherman would be good and a fish resource. or maybe a watermill but then you would need running water

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Worry not guys I’m pretty darn sure that this is in the To-Do list! Though seeing liquids expanded on would be fun, though let’s not forget that we have the desert biome so it has to be balanced?

Deserts also have water? And even if that wasnt the case, it doesnt mean it should not be added because another biome cant use it.

Oh don’t get me wrong, There’s def things like oasis and even underwater water mining or even trading. I was just thinking aloud, mostly wanted to let people know that Radiant was already planning to add it in!

Oh, i actually didnt knew they were working on it. Great to know!

Tier 3+ towns having water needs for housing and farming like Sim City or Skylines would be cool as a far-flung goal, but I don’t think it’s really something I care about right now. Water physics put a huge burden on the CPU and Stonehearth is already struggling to clean up some of its usage (Alpha 16 helped immensely) as it is. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yea true, the optimisation has gotten much better. But my cpu still has 60% load with 20 hearthlings. Which isnt too bad but still.

I think the one thing that would keep this from being fully implemented (especially in the farming case) is that it causes too much micro management. SH is designed to take on more of the macro management than it is the micro. Yeah farming is simplistic…but so is creating items, herding, trapping, etc. It’s made to be simplistic so that the player can get more into the story that is being told.

Don’t get me wrong i’d love to see water utilized more too just don’t get too disappointed if it’s for not so micro managed things :slight_smile:

even just being able to file trenches would be a fun use for water

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why though? they are already considering it for things like crops? does this thread really need to be revisited?

yeah because there are a lot of ideas here that might now be possible to be modded into the game since water has been updated. or maybe simply by reading this someone could have an even better idea. plenty of things to do on land. more water mods the better

I’ve been adding my voice to this for a while. People need water to settle. Even if it is just a well in the desert.