Mounts!, we need mounts! And relationships!

seriously that thing is almost done, bar a few tweaks thats badass… and you just whipped that up real quick? love it and jealous, and want it…

hmm… :bulb:

step right up folks! saber tooth tiger rides, $5!


The animal tamer class will be able to train animals, so if you had like dogs, horses and maybe elephants and trained them you should be able to put armour on them and tell someone to mount it, and ride it into battle. And if they have a artic biome having war polar bear ride into battle and squash people would be wonderful.

Yea it sounds pretty cool idea, but like that would take a lot of work. XD but I like your idea I support it :stuck_out_tongue:

Would this make breeder classes more usable? Because then you could train animals to do things you bred them for, and all you would need to change would be the size of the animals.

i believe the trainer is already intended to be useful in a combat capacity…

What’s the difference between the Beast Master and the Animal Trainer?

“The Beast Master is a combat unit who fights with an animal ally. The Animal Trainer is a civilian unit who can charm and train animals for domestic or combat use”

Sorry I meant that the breeder could specialize them better for their job (small wolves are bred to hunt and scout, while large wolves would be used to work/ride or for combat, smaller the faster/weaker bigger the stronger/slower).

Realashonships between mounts? Combine the ideas my minion! COMBINE THE IDEAS :octopus: (my master is the octopus!!!)

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Hey all,

Im back with more ideas, this time in regards to cavalry.

In a lot of games, (im specifically remembering Fire emblem but there are other TBS) horseman seemed to be glued to their horses. I was…

Well, first i guess I should ask whether there will be cavalry. Im assuming yes.

Anyway, I was hoping that horseman will actually be able to dismount when fighting on horseback isn’t helpful. (when fighting pikemen, or fighting indoors (caves).

Of course, this would lower their ability to cover large areas of ground, but it might increase other stats, like defense. Those who are more knowledgeable about the pro’s and cons of being on horseback can advise.

But anyway, I think this option would add a lot of tactical depth to the game and I welcome feedback.

yes sir, it seems thats the case (eventually)… :smiley:

Mounts in general we’ve wanted for a long time … mounts will be awesome, can’t say when but I like the idea, and mounts for combat as well.

and im thinking this should probably be merged here:

Good ideas. Merge away. :grin:

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And considering the way things could go while breeding the mounts, why not breed for bigger sizes? Eventually, you might get a gargantuan mammoth to ride and around, and with enough milk to keep the entire city supplied for a month with one milking. Or a humongous sabertooth to wield against any foe or titan that might have the guts to go against something so monstrously delicious an idea.

Some stats like defense against piercing damage while decreasing armor against swords, and other slashing weapons.

Hey everyone, I was wondering if stonehearth will ever add tamed animals that hearthlings are able to ride, such as horses, donkeys, mammoths, or some other animals. This would open up a door to a bunch of thing you can do. You could have a completely new class, you could use the tamer class, you could have buff, make it just a better way of transportation, some animals could have storage if mounted with a certain item, or could be killed for meat. What are you guy’s thoughts?

Note: I searched for anything similar to this thread, but couldnt find any couldnt find anything.

what’s this then?

Cool thanks couldnt find that. But also that thread was 3 years ago.

There is no harm in resurrecting old threads. Makes them easier to find when people are searching.

you can usually put quotation marks (“mounts”) around what you are searching in the search bar and it will search for that specific combination in it’s entirety.
i.e searching mounts will bring up everything to do with mountain as the letters mount are in both but searching “mounts” won’t as it is looking for that exact combination of characters.

This works with multiple words and numbers, it is a useful trick to find what you are looking for.
It is also universally used in search engines so it works on google and what not :smiley:

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I know how to search, I just didnt think it would be under mounts. I searched for Horses, donkeys, ride-able, etc.

Mounts for Footmen, or maybe a new class which uses a horse as transportation, and combat?

Horse ass? i think you meant “as”?