3400 users, and All's Well!

good question… 1746 total users, with 22 new registrations yesterday… :+1:

That’s quite a lot…if it had rose like that every day we’d be up to 4000+ users. I guess all the lurkers kindly decided to appear so that they could give their reports on bugs and stuff.

indeed… it looks like a very successful test, with a number of good reports here and on the official site… :+1:


[update #5]

1900 users… yeah, slightly more aggressive jump in numbers over the last 20 days…

it’s probably folks wanting to register early, to catch a glimpse of @Geoffers747 Christmas calendar… :christmas_tree:

  • Users: 1908 :arrow_up: 206
  • Topics: 1387 :arrow_up: 143
  • Posts: 29047 :arrow_up: 3603
  • Likes: 21890 :arrow_up: 2510
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Just you wait till December 12th - absolute perfection.

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Whats December 12th? WAIT! Don’t answer that I dont think I want to know!

[update #6]

2004 users… we broke 2k members … and 30k posts! :tada:

my my, just look how we’ve grown… seems like it was only yesterday when @Geoffers747 made his very first post! at least, i think that was his first post… its hard to track those details down! :smile:

on with the numbers!

  • Users: 2004 :arrow_up: 96
  • Topics: 1489 :arrow_up: 102
  • Posts: 32843 :arrow_up: 3796
  • Likes: 24264 :arrow_up: 2374
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And to think you contributed 4882 (and counting) posts to that number. Oh also… have you welcomed all of the new users? :wink:

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good gravy, im actually showing a different number… 5100 posts?!?

hahaha… well, if not, i’ve come pretty close… :stuck_out_tongue:

I think you might need to calm down just a little bit, Steve… :wink: But I wonder why it’s showing different numbers…

yes… you are correct… going into hibernation mode… see you in January! :sleeping:

Well now @Geoffers747 has more work to do… :smiley: It totally was not intentional.

I can’t wait to properly use the over 9000 meme! (For Users)


good gravy, im actually showing a different number… 5100 posts?!?

@SteveAdamo … I think you see all of your posts while the normal user only sees your posts which are “readable” to the watcher, i.e. all you posts in the “members I hate most”-thread which is only accessible by you and Geoffers do not count for us :wink:.


wait… can you see that thread?


but yes, you are correct good sir… all the “admin-y” posts dont show up for you guys…

edit: [update #7]

as requested, here’s the latest tally… we’re getting dangerously close to 40k posts! :smiley:

  • Users: 2229 :arrow_up: 225
  • Topics: 1722 :arrow_up: 233
  • Posts: 38380 :arrow_up: 5537
  • Likes: 28162 :arrow_up: 3898

edit #2: [update #8]

2300+ users and over 40k posts! :confetti_ball:

  • Users: 2303 :arrow_up: 74
  • Topics: 1878 :arrow_up: 156
  • Posts: **41918 ** :arrow_up: 3538
  • Likes: 31635 :arrow_up: 3473
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When we reach half a million posts I will make a video singing to Steve, choose a song Stevey!

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you bet your frilly green :dress: I am…

but seriously, I believe that warrants at least 2 internet points… well played sir, well played indeed… :smile:


The amount of users… ARE OVER… -9,000!

over 2000


a winner is us.

Do I count as one?

Because I’m quite sure I should count as 4 or 5.