Suggestions/will it have series

-control of one of the workers and place whatever blocks so you can make stuff like pixel art or whatever you desire.(maybe first/thirdperson mode? :wink: )

-wiring similar to redstone to make killing machines and defense and whatnot.

-if KS reaches a certain amount, you can reach eras like steam and industrial through time so you can get stuff like muskets and other technological things.

Lastly: TRAINS AND BOATS! You could craft and make train tracks and have them transport blocks and people. And if multiplayer happens, you could trade with other cities/people. Boats could do the same but over water.

OH and what will the models be made in? You’re own tools provided to us or we use our own? I don’t want to buy Qubicle Contructor as SLAB6 has always been faithful to me D:

You don’t have to buy Qubicle to make cool creations.

that has nothing to do with what I said. The game is in vectors but they are using Qubicle probably for better exports. will the models be loaded in vector or polygons?

Some people may not realize the difference between vector or polygon models, I think mike was just pointing out that the in-game editor will be able to make interesting things without having to deal with any third party program.

And yes, there is an in-game editor. It’s been heavily hinted at if not said outright.

“We’re trying to build as many gameplay systems as possible using our own modding tools. Ideally, anything you see in the game you can replicate and put your own twist on using the modding tools.”

From the Collated Q & A

A different part:

“The fancy editors will be a little immature, but if you don’t mind rolling up your sleeves and writing some LUA and JSON, you’ll be able to write mods yourself from day 1.”

Also from the Collated Q & A

Can’t answer your vector or polygon question though, hopefully the Devs will answer that.

Your first question doesn’t really make sense. Of course you can put whatever blocks wherever?

Wiring and machinery would be AWESOME (third party mods even).

Not sure what KS is but this isn’t really Age of Empires. Would rather have a “if you research it then you have it” kind of thing. So if I decided to research more heavily into mechanics and gunpowder and such I’d be able to create rifles and the like. Also all doable with modding.

Trains and boats also doable with modding.



KS -> Kickstarter. So I think he was just asking for future stretch goals that bring in black powder.

As far as trains/boats/trading with co-op/NPC allies. This is a great idea. Trading always = good things.

Boats shouldn’t just be used for trading though. If the kickstarter keeps going this fast I definitely agree with what people have said about ship combat and maybe even amphibious invasions or something. Something else that could be cool is lets say a titan just destroys your village maybe you could evacuate as many settlers as you could and try and start a new civilization in a new location. Just letting my mind spill things out right now.

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Tom said in the Livestream that there would be a naval facet to the game, but it would not get added in until later. What that means precisely, I don’t know. However I’m sure there will be water going vessels of some type and with the addition of pirates, black powder firearms and cannons seem like a good possibility. As for the other stuff, I don’t know. Although, I do really like the idea of being able to take control of a single settler and play from a first person perspective… very interesting. :wink:

I also really like the idea of having a machinery type deal. It doesn’t have to go as deep as Minecraft’s redstone system, but they could do something. We also have zero idea how the game will fully play. In minecraft you mainly use redstone to automate crap you don’t want to manually do yourself, but in this game we’re going to have little minions doing some of the crap we wouldn’t have wanted to do.

If it fits in the world, I wouldn’t mind seeing it, if it doesn’t mesh, then it won’t be needed. I also like the idea of trains/boats for multiple purpose functions. Again, depends on how deep an ally system might go/if you can have different settlements in a game world. If I can only have one settlement and zero trading with allies, no point for trains.