Republic of Dave, a colonial era mod

I want to create a mod loosely based on the early United States. I’ve never created a mod before and I want to know if anyone can give me links to software and tutorials? Whist the ultimate aim will be to add trains, factories and other post-industrial buildings/ objects I think that I’ll start with firearms and colonial attire.

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I actually thought this would be a Fallout mod thread post. If you use the search feature there are some tutorials pinned. Both for Qubicle and for writing code.

look for @voxel_pirate thread in this very category on quibicle, as well as the bitcave thread… :+1:

As @SteveAdamo has mentioned.

This thread is particularly useful

If you go into the “modelling & animation” category itself (click the pink box, or click categories at the front page, or click the menu button to the left of your profile picture at the top right and then click modelling & animation) you should find some topics of interest :slight_smile:


some other super awesomely helpful threads…

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Don’t forget you can always ask as well, generally if it’s possible someone will probably know how to do it. No certainties this early in though.