Qubicle Voxel Editor is now available on Steam

just thought i would share the fact that Qubicle Constructor is now available on steam, it’s also happens to be on sale until the 28th,

i know i’ll definitely be getting a copy now that it’s available on steam


i wanna know what is the difference between this and 2.5

There’s a “What’s new” section at the bottom of this features page: About | Qubicle.

What’s new in Qubicle 3.0

Steam support Qubicle 3.0 is the first version available on Steam
7 new tools Create standard primitives like spheres and pyramides conveniently inside the matrix editor.
Built-in Voxelizer An improved version of the former stand-alone application Qubicle Voxelizer can now be used directly in Qubicle.
Tool-Mirroring All tool actions can now be automatically mirrored on one axis to allow easy modeling of symmetrical objects
Improved tools Tool handling for all tools is much improved and easier to learn
Online 3D-printing Upload your model to i.materialise with a single click and order a 3D print online.


but isnt a lot of that stuff already on 2.5? I dont have 3.0 xD

its also been awhile since I have used it. >.<

Looks like the Voxelizer is only available as a separate purchase. So before anyone upgrades because of that, take a look at the DLC list in Steam. There are several modules for ~20€ each.

My recommendation would be to wait for the reviews to roll in and then wait even more for a sale if you’re not inclined to use it much at the moment.

There’s also an indie version coming out next week that might be preferable for commercial uses: Qubicle Voxel Editor for Mobile Game Development, Modding, 3D-Printing.

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yah I am wondering which is the cheaper way to go about things yah know?

I have the 2.5 its to bad since it would be nice to upgrade, but I dont want to get screwed over either xD

Woop Woop ^^ Since days i have waited for this xD And when i have received the email that its now avaible i have purchased it instantly xD

Sooo when i find time i will remake the hairstyles :wink:

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Is this still worth it I was reading reviews and I really want to get into modding but people are saying you have to pay more than the $20 to use the needed features.

i have only the 20$ version and this is all you need for stonehearth … if you want to make animations then you need an external tool … they reviewer speak about minecraft etc. (and like in the description yes for this you need an upgrade or an extra tool to convert your files) ^^ but for stonehearth its all you need ^^ you can set the positions, you can make the correct matrix size, matrix name and you can easily draw, paint, erase and save xD

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Thank you, I am planning on getting it then. I cannot wait till I learn to texture everything!!!

texture? like a texture on a voxel? ähmm ok that i havent tried on voxel mom ^^

Sorry its 12:13(AM) and I haven’t gotten much sleep the past few days so my sentences may be a bit weird.

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ok i have checked it ^^ nope qb doenst support textures xD

I just edited the bow quickly to test if i understand how to put them in game or not before I fall asleep at my desk.

the importants infos:

matrixsize: 31,41,31
matrixposition: 0,0,-31
pivot position: 0.5,0.5,0.5


Explain please I am not really functioning

this are the presetting for your matrix - so that you can create and export them correctly as qb ^^

So quick question I did something wrong obviously how do I get it in game or edit the models of game textures

First you must extract the stonehearth.smod or rename it to zip and open it xD there you will find the files later you can make own mods with your files xD