Citizen preference for novel food types

Seems like a good idea to me if the citizens select a new food type if it’s available over one that they would complain about if they ate it (due to lack of diet variety (vardiety?)). As is, I think they just go for something at random, or perhaps whatever’s closest. If they care enough to complain about a lack of variety, they probably would care enough to take a few extra steps to another food type, within reason. See 31:01 in the video for an example of what I’m talking about.

its too much work for the citizens take extra steps. those lazy people even if they work 18 hrs a day just to make you happy. lazy

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You know, this could be like a simplified version of a Dwarf Fortress feature, where nobles are extremely picky and make orders for ridiculous stuff (Goblin bone underwear, glass helmets, etc.).

Would be cool to see, although at a slightly reduced version, as I assume this game has one heck of a lot smaller difficulty curve.

It should be propably as new topic (“Foghting with laziness”), but…

Yeah, in this version (Build 110) laziness has been taken up to Eleven. I have already 4 “granaries” (I name every food storage like that) filled with wood even if it is forbidden to bring it there.
Other examples?

  • There was a goblin called ‘the Magnificient’ who decided to steal my wood. Guarding footman was too lazy to react and I had to take the red alarm and 3 workers charged after him… with no items after all. They beat him with bare hands :smiley:
  • But items that goblin took with himself were retrieved to town… 4 days later. Due to laziness.
  • or even in night other proffessions than Workers were to lazy to go near the campfire.o.o

Well, these are probably all separate issues, but I agree they do fall nicely under the general label of laziness. The thing about stockpile settings being ignored has another topic already. I noticed a footman not going after a goblin that got pretty close as well, although at the time I took it to mean the goblin just barely didn’t get close enough (40:26 in the video). I did not notice the last two issues you mentioned, though.

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“I want a green glass window. No I don’t care that we’re in the tundra!”

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