[Con] [R118] Villagers dont eat Jerky

[Problem] Villagers dont seem to want to eat jerky.

Watching the villagers eat, it seems that they never eat the any of the jerky. Oddly enough I just saw a tamed raccoon however eat it.

Guess they are vegetarians right now.

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Ah! Not my imagination then. I’ve noticed this too depending on how the game goes. I have switched out the bog standard filter and created a stockpile for food items only then recreated the default stockpile which appeared to allow them to eat Jerky again. At least they stopped complaining about the berries.

Although I’ve also had games where they will happily munch on jerky. Bit of a hit an miss.

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well, we all know @not_owen_wilson is vegan, so… :no_good:


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So jerky is eaten in some games but not in others?
Edit: if there is nothing to eat but jerky will they eat it before starving to death?


Raises an interesting question:

Are certain types of food preferred over others? Do villagers actively try and find food that they didn’t eat last time?

Will ‘cooked’ or processed foods have a higher preference?


I’ve not seen them eat jerky directly, but I’ve seen them comment on eating jerky (the super nutritious food comments). However, this was in R114 or before.


I’ve gotten this in R118.

May be a preference thing. I know I’ve ended up with stockpiles of Jerky compared to the veggies.

Well, sure, but I meant ones about jerky specifically, as that was what the bug report was about.

Yep, that’s what i was referring to.

I’ve definitely seen jerky comments

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Ah, I see! Well, in that case, either they do eat jerky (at least sometimes), or they mean to eat them and generate the diary entries but end up not actually eating them. Perhaps it’s indeed just a preference thing like @digitalFatteh suggested.

Well… i just watched two footmen eating jerky at a table. So i know they do it.

Tried to take a screenshot but it captured the desktop outside the game instead… :frowning:

But they do eat jerky! And i had PLENTY of other food available.

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I just encountered this as well. I ran the game for about two hours and my stockpile was almost completely jerky by the end of it. The trapper will eat jerky if he’s out and about checking his traps and lunch time rolls around, but no one else does. I maintained plenty of turnips though, so maybe they just always choose to eat turnips first? I’d play some more to contribute further details, but after my 10th person joined, the mole-people bug arose and buried all of my citizens into their beds on re-loading.

As I said before, perhaps it’s not that they’re entirely not eaten, but they just happen to eat other food sources first somehow, and perhaps some preference issues are involved. I wonder if this could be fixed with just looking at preferences; if so, might I suggest also looking into this, if that wasn’t yet done?

Sorry for double post, but since this is somewhat new I don’t want it to go unnoticed—or are there notifications about edits taking place?

Caught it on video that jerky was eaten. I think perhaps the villagers just go for what’s closest, and since the trapper region is away from the rest of town, the jerky often ends up on the far side of the stockpile, such that other food types are closer. However, this doesn’t always seem to be the case (note the guy coming from the right side of the unfinished building, who moves past the jerky to get berries). Even so, I refer to this suggestion I made a while back.

Everyone gets hungry around 15:12. Watch the blond guy coming from the left side of the unfinished building and the blond guy coming from the far left side of the screen.