[Idea] Make foxes (and raccoons e.t.c) unable to eat fox meat

I was just playing a little when everyone got hungry and the foxes and raccoons ate their own meat. What I mean with that is that i harvested some raccoons and foxes and when the pets got hungry they ate berries and fox/raccoon meat.

I just thought it was weird and it kinda made them cannibals.

Basically I´m just making a suggestion that could make the game more realistic and make foxes and other pets eat food that is not from their own family. :slight_smile:


Well, cannibalism in the animal kingdom isn’t totally unheard of. Foxes and Raccoons (especially the latter) are scavengers to some extent. Animals that are hungry, especially carnivores, will eat almost anything that’s around. So my two cents on this, is that this should remain unchanged. With all due respect of course.


If you say so. I just thought it was a little weird.

I´ve seen rabbits in gameplay videos so i guess there will be rabbits.
Will it be weird if rabbits ate rabbit meat or any sort of meat at all?

  1. rabbits are in the game

  2. Foxes and Raccoons would not give a dang for what meat it is

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You know, something that would make the game more in-depth would be the rabbit people not being able to eat bunnies. It would present an interesting moral story!


And got mad if you humans were eating it or had eaten it? Though rabbit meat would need to be amazing shiz to make it worth it, I think this would be a really cool choice to have to make :slight_smile:

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Or even better, rabbit people could eat rabbit meat, but it would make them depressed.

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Well rabbits are herbivores, so they wouldn’t eat meat anyway.


Not necessarily humanoid rabbits, though. Keep in mind they don’t have to be 100% herbivore, just like they are not 100% rabbit.

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It shouldn’t make them any more depressed than humans eating monkey (wombat? dugong? fake memories? What was the backstory again?) does.

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Woah there, that’s getting strong, there is nothing saying you have to get depressed from eating a species that looks slightly like you. Many people do, and they could care less. But with rabbit people, they are quite close to bunnies and look very similar.
And anyway, this is for everybody, depression is very, very different than being sad.

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I know, it was more to demonstrate a point. The prior use of the word depressed was why I used. Cultural reason would be the main opposition to it anyway so it’s up to the player, unless they actually are herbivores, most active larger animals are either omnivores or carnivores though so I wouldn’t bet on it.

Yeah, humans evolved from wombats. Don’t get me started, though, because I can go on for hours talking about my scientific theories! :wink:

No, there is overwhelming scientific evidence pointing to the fact that humans evolved from Narwhals.

There is overwhelming scientific evidence that we should stop talking about teh origins of humans. And it was dinosaurs. (yeah i no rite)