Active bug- meat and big town dinner

Love that you guys fixed flour now being able to go into the stock pile. But it seems jerky now longer goes in the stock pile now. My hunter would gather all the leather and then leave the jerky in the field or my citizens would just drop it on the roads or in houses. They would go pick it up to eat or craft with, but wouldn’t store it away. Except in crates. I found with a crate on accept all they would throw jerky inside it, but not with stock piles on accept all.

I also ran into a problem once my town got near size 20 my citizens would get lost/stuck trying to get to the dinner table to eat. Some would sit alone out in the field starving, others would have food in their hands and spin trying to sit in a chair but never eat. I was able to break them of this habit by calling the city defense alarm. But it would just happen again the next day.

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Yeah, they missed Jerky when they updated the storage categories.

As far as the problem with your citizens, it sounds like you might be maxing out your CPU for now. If you look at the bar in the bottom right and it’s every color but green, there is a good chance your hearthlings brains can’t function fast enough anymore. Naturally, they are always working on ways to use less CPU time so they can have more hearthlings, but everyone reaches that point eventually atm.


I have that same problem too. I thought it was the cook’s food since I saw some of my Hearthling table dancing with the pots of stew in their hands. I guess the best way to deal with this problem is the limit yourself to 15 hearthlings or lower at this point.

I’ve run into this problem too. I have my population capped at 15 hearthlings to prevent overload and I have several hearthlings get stuck trying to find a way to sit down. Sometimes I get lucky and can break it with town defense but most of the time they just immediately pick up the food again and go back to dancing around lol

Also, the jerky problem

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Same problem here: At 23 hearthlings everything just kind of stopped working. Crafters wouldn’t craft, half of my workers were idle, footmen were very slow to respond to attack orders (or ignored them entirely) and Hearthlings would bug out when attempting to eat cooked food.

I wasn’t aware it was a common CPU-related issue, so that’s good to know.

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::sigh:: Apologies! Fixed on my machine. This game… just… has… so… many… moving… parts…

Edit: Thank you for letting us know asap. :smiley: Under my chagrin with myself, I really, really, really appreciate it. :slight_smile:


So, I’ve been obsessively watching my hearthlings do their chair dance with food and I noticed something. The hearthlings with non-cooked foods always found their chair immediately. The hearthlings who were carrying Savoury Meat Stew couldn’t find a chair…and where chairs were removed, couldn’t find their spot to sit on the ground. I have my cook only making savoury meat stew so I’m not sure if it’s all of the cooked foods or just the stew. Not sure if that helps or not but figured I’d post it anyway

Edit: decided to post a screen shot. Of the hearthlings that are sitting; the far left hearthling is eating a carrot, the other two sitting hearthlings have jerky. All of the hearthlings standing are unable to find a seat, all holding the meat stew

what you described @Boulderboy was actually discussed in another thread,


lol, I need to search more thoroughly, apparently

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originally i was going to merge, but seeing as the OP is more about the wrong jerky tag i didnt.

Yeah at 23 citizens I was having many orders not being followed so maybe I’ll look at capping the size of the town.

As for the food thing, the cooked soup was always the ones that would get stuck. I will try not cooking anymore food and see if the problem still exists or not.

Thanks for fixing the jerky storage so quickly.
Love this game and can’t wait to see how it grows.

The hearthlings still store jerky in crates if y’all want to get it out of the way.

I think you are misunderstanding the problem. In develop-450, Jerky will store in any storage with the “all” filter (stockpile or crate). It will not stock in any storage with the “food” filters turned on, because the filters were changed and jerky was not updated.

It’s fine though, sdee has the fix for next version.


In r450 any type of jerky seems to be left out and won’t be placed in food stockpiles.

anyone else having this issue?

yup… getting this as well… started with this last version… running same as you.

seems like it starts slow… some jerky going in and some being left behind, then over time it starts getting excluded and sits on the ground either around the stock pile or on the trapping grounds.