Self-Managing Diets

So I notice that the only real ‘complaint’ that villagers have is that they’re constantly eating the same thing… And it might be corn on the cob or something, but I’ll share my latest game and try and describe what I’m thinking.

I have a few stray jerkies, 47 cornbreads, 44 roast poyo, 1 poyo pie, 23 vegetable stew(which was made like 19 days ago in-game time) and yet my villagers constantly complain that they’re eating only corn on the cob, which yes is the most plentiful thing in the storage but can’t there be a check for villagers like “what did I eat last? corn on the cob. Okay let’s go look for something else this time.” It’d be a really simple check and since villagers only eat 2 or so times a day it wouldn’t even be that taxing run-time wise.


love this suggestion, and on the same note, Hearthlings also need to start prioritizing cooked food over raw foods…


I would very much like to see a total rejection of raw food when cooked is available. Having hearthlings pull corn (raw) out of the same box holding corn bread is a little frustrating.

That too…
Though with my recent city setup it hardly is a problem anymore.

I put all my crafters in 2-story buildings with their work stations on the first floor and chest of things they make on the first floor and materials are on the 2nd.
So in Chef’s case I just put the cooked food downstairs and raw food upstairs.

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My issue isn’t with the organization, as that’s (mostly) been addressed, just that it wasn’t an issue of destination. Rather, that the hearthlings were consciously choosing to have the raw rather than cooked food is frustrating.

I agree. They should be smarter about eating, whether its eating the same thing over and over and then complaining about it. or whether it’s eating raw food over plenty good cooked food.

I very much agree with this post

Yeah! The diets are so annoying, my hearthlings are always eating berries and jerky, while having tons of cooked food in storage and then they even start to complain… lil children…
I suggested a furniture with a menu function for the cook to “force” a diet on the heartlings, maybe this would be an option too?

Thats clever… I stupidly put my dining hall on the second floor with my chef right there, but left the first floor with storage - so I imagine my hearthlings are going in and grabbing raw food and then go upstairs and eat it : (. Gotta reset that up.

I’m super specific when it comes to city layout so I have to have everything neat and organized.

Here’s my chef’s workhouse and next to it is my dining hall still under construction.
In th eback you can see 2 more workhouse buildings(carpenter/mason)

Here’s my city layout, slowly replacing the squares w/o buildings with the proper building.
I also have the grinder at the top floor of chef cause it just takes raw corn/wheat and makes it into sacks of flour and corn meal.

Oh nice! My cities tend to be much less organized : ).

I really wanna make a huge city like the 1 in the picture but on a larger scale. But by that point in the game I have 20-25 villagers and the game starts to run slowly.

Maybe they can implement a food level stat. so just like a footman will search out the highest level weapon available to them Hearthlings can search out the higher level of food. (but then they would just eat the highest level food and still complain) Another way to do it might be for the game to calculate the different types of food available and do some ratio to the population to see whether the Heartling should be complaining or it just their fault for not walking themselves over to the other container.

How about a mix of your idea and mine.

So cooked food would be of “level 2” and raw food "level 1"
They look for level 2 food if available. But when they go to get the food it’d return them a food ‘type’ and each villager just has a stored ‘last food type eaten’ and when they get the type back they compare the 2. If they aren’t the same, that food meets their needs. If they are the same they’d move onto the next food of the level.

Only problem that would arise is which would they preference, a food of a different type or a food of the highest available level?

I might just make a mod to see if this would work. The only problem would be actually giving EVERY food type a level variable.

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