Will food consumption be fixed?

I’m sure this has been suggested somewhere but I’ve yet to find it. Will the requirement for a new villager be changed at all? I got to day 20 and the required food for a new villager was absurd. I had 4 or 5 stockpiles filled with food in order to get them. I’m sure there will be a better system in place eventually seeing as this is still alpha, but here are my thoughts on how it might work better.

Instead of having the amount of food required be so high, base the requirements off the food that will be consumed in a day by villagers currently living in the village, rats, spoilage, famine, drought, pets, and kids stealing cakes from the store rooms. Each of these events could happen randomly. Either diminishing the amount of food in the storage areas by a severe amount or by just enough to be a small nuisance. They could be a random percentage based on the amount of food in the stockpiles at any given time or based on the estimated consumption of the villagers that will require food in a set period of time.

Another thing that could help is by having the villagers consume more than 1 food at a time (if they don’t do this already.) I was thinking a random number between 3-5. That number could potentially increase from 3-5 to 5-7 food per meal based on the variety available to the villagers.

In these ways the food count could be far less so that larger villages don’t require a ton of random stockpiles of food randomly placed over the entire village with more food than is really necessary to support the populace while still requiring effort on the side of the player to produce the food required.


I’m still hoping for more a banished type system hearthling have families with kiddies being the new citizens and we’ll occasionally random joiners


Yea I liked that about banished but you also have to remember how wrong that could go having kids that don’t work but still eat or nomads joining in large number those both often ended the game for me due to starvation.

I also like Sabedra idea’s but i’d like to point out that food is a how basket of food since A10 food has been 3 unit from the farm converted to 1 basket. If they ate 3-5 baskets it would be to hard to keep them feed. I do like your idea’s but i think a better solution would be storage devices ie chests that are small like 1x2 or 2x6 that hold large amounts of food and maybe a decrease in amount of food you need to have.

my current solution is I build a storage cellar with a stair way leading underground where its all out of the way also I make basements under my homes before building them.

to do a basement try making the building you want 100% but before you build it dig a basement under it. it doesn’t have to be perfect but you only want the entrance to be 2 x 7 on the grass part then 2 x 6 on your floor in your building then use slabs or ladders to make a way in and out.

anyways sorry to ramble a bit off topic I tried to keep it focused on storage.

well crates and barrels are planned things. chests may or may not be implemented, if they are it will most likely be to hold large amounts of gold.

[quote=“WolfTheNinja, post:3, topic:12590”]
[/quote]to my knowledge TR is avoiding having kids in the game, as they dont exactly want to have to go into that kinda… stuff…

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I’m not for or against having kids in the game but I do think for this game in particular its just doesn’t fit or would be hard to implement with little reward.

Yea can understand that but you don’t have to go into detail how they come to be. Heathlings get together then one day poof random child. Joins household few days later of new hearthling citizens,as child grew to adult. No birds or bees needed

yea, i understand that, but TR would like to avoid anything that suggests that kinda stuff, so it wont happen unless a mod is made for it.

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Yes. Food requirements are crazy!

I have 14 hearthlings and a massive food stockpile! Luckily there is no spoilage. If i want to raise my population to 40 I estimate that my stockpile area will probably equal half or more of the area of my entire settlement… It just looks silly. My workaround right now is stockpiling food in the mines so i dont have to look at it all the time.

It isnt like they eat that much. A quick guesstimate suggests that I could easily support my current population with a food stockpile half its current size.

Thumbs up to rejigging pop growth. I enjoyed the pop system in Banished.

not in 10.5, but Alpha 11 should introduce this :wink:

[quote=“bmitchell, post:8, topic:12590”]
I estimate that my stockpile area will probably equal half or more of the area of my entire settlement… It just looks silly.
[/quote]lucky for you crates and other storage containers are being introduced Alpha 11 :smile: