Bam! YogcastSjin pre-alpha video

and the surge is in full effect on the campaign trail…


lovely… he did a great job of explaining the mechanics in the pre-alpha, as well as what is anticipated in the release… he also switched from preview mode, and did a time-lapse of two houses being built…

very nice presentation… :wink:

I was about to post this :stuck_out_tongue: Good timing xD

I wish I was a youtuber so I could get pre-alpha D: lol, lucky ducks

Guys, Guys. I totes have a youtube account, and while I have yet to post a video, I will definitely post a pre-alpha of this! I just… I just need the pre-pre-pre-alpha!

Also, maybe it is because I only actually watch the Yogscast out of the Pre-Alphaers I’ve seen, but I think he making of two houses by Sjin to see them both get worked on at once was just great and made his the best of them. Not to mention his smooth voice and gentle eyes. What were we talking about?


i dunno, but for some reason i want to take a shower…

Yay this will surge the kickstartet project sales (hopefully)

kicktraq can’t keep up with the totals XD. says 469K (without paypal), but its actually 472K (without paypal). Reads the data every 40min.

Good deal: exactly what I hoped would happen. With any luck Kotaku or Polygon will run an article on them in the next day or so and bump up the total even farther.

Now the game will be HUGE IS THE YOGSCAST LIKE IT!! :smiley:

today could very well end up being the 2nd best of the entire campaign… frankly something i have never seen before, as the last big surge is usually reserved until the final 24-48 hours…

this is madness… this is STONEHEARTH!! :stuck_out_tongue:

just wanted to drop in this pic, for the other n3rds in the crowd… it seems there are a few DEV keys enabled in the youtube builds… in Sjin’s cast, he throws this up a couple of times… discuss? :smiley:

Oh good, I thought I was crazy when I saw it.

Heh makes perfect sense to have these, as things go there will be bugs like “if you run the game while windows xp is upgraded from SP2 to SP3 and you have a certain ati gfx card and a rabbit turns left to face a flower, then shadow calculation will freeze the game” - hunting bugs is soooooo much fun sigh

oh, absolutely… as one who regularly goes on said hunting expeditions, i can appreciate these details as well… :smiley:

Do we have any idea on what the hardware specifications for this game would be? I am pretty sure my old graphics card on this machine should work, but my older Dell boxes from 2001 that I do some work on might not.

@LordNevs no specifics just yet (that i recall, but check @Geoffers747 thread perhaps?)… but i think i recall someone mentioning it running on a laptop at a good clip… although, i wouldnt expect most any games to run on a 12 year old machine… at least, not optimally… :wink:

@SteveAdamo You would be surprised I think, all it takes is a little overclocking and some love.

Yer there’s not been anything solid, but one of the devs managed to get it running on one of his old XP laptops if I’m not mistaken …

So I just ask stupid, is there actually a technical demo to test or is he just using some older vids of the devs and re-describe them?

About Kicktraq: It is always very good to be first place, but I can also remember to WildMan, which was first… but had stil really problems and canceled then later their campaign sadly.

PS: I have slightly the feeling they also get the same amount as Castle Story lol, when I look at castle story and their amount they got, what they wanted and their kicktraq history line, it’s not that unrealistic lol