Bam! YogcastSjin pre-alpha video

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So I just ask stupid, is there actually a technical demo to test or is he just using some older vids of the devs and re-describe them?[/quote]

There actually is a ExtremelyPreAlpha version that some prominent youtubers have received. You can find some more videos linked in some threads or by searching on youtube easily.
All one can do in that Alpha is chop down trees, designate a wood collecting zone and building one sort of house.
So in the Yogscast video at the end he used some of the trailer footage from the kickstarter.

Ah thank you! I thought that after post lol. well its still awesome :smiley:

Yeah… Im happy they could find another medium to advertise they’re kickstarter, surprised pcgamer hasn’t covered it yet. not mater, it was ingenious to have Lets play people show case it.

I heard of this project because of that video from Sjin. So I’m part of the wave coming in at this moment. :smiley:

well… welcome to the party! :slight_smile:

well… déjà vu. :smiley:

But thanks again. :wink:

bah! i’ve double welcomed you, havent i? forgive my oversight, but consider yourself really, really welcome here… :stuck_out_tongue: