How Do We Play The Game?

The game looks amazing. just wondering how do we play? YogscastSjin can play how does the public play?

Kind Regards -Finn

I’m not exactly sure what you mean by your question.

The idea is that all your citizen are specialized in something.

As I understand it, it is asd follows:
you start of with workers (unspecialized citizens, only for simple tasks, like building, carrying, chopping trees, etc. And one saw.

As I see it you set your workers to chop wood.
->use wood for wooden buildings
Make a worker into a carpenter with a saw.
Build a little workshop for your carpenter.
Let the carpenter make a mallet out of wood.
->Use carpenter for other wooden tools, wooden weapons, furniture, etc.
Make a worker into a stone mason with the mallet.
Build a mason’s hut for your mason.
Let the mason get stone and craft stone stuff
-> A stone furnace, stone items, etc.

And in this fashion get a metalworker (build a metalworker’s hut with the stone furnace), etc.

Meanwhile you convert workers to soldiers and supply them with weapons (wood, metal, etc.), build barracks for them.
And you also convert other workers to other functions (give them a hoe to become a farmer, give them a snare to make them a trapper, etc.) and don’t forget their houses.

Then you have a little village with different jobs etc.
And you keep on specializing, building, etc.

And depending on the situation you als need defense buildings (towers, etc) and/or fight with your soldiers, etc.

But again, I’m not sure if I understood your question right :smile:

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Unfortunately not at all, at this moment in time. Some YouTubers have been granted an Alpha-Version of the game, which is not accessible to public.

We will have to wait for the Beta to come… somewhen in December.

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sorry i mean how do we get the game

thanks very much :slight_smile: .

Oh, okay :smile:
If you have a Kickstarter tier with beta-access ($30 and above, I believe) you can start playing the beta at the end of this year, otherwise you’ll have to wait until next year :smile: It’s far from done and playable.

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as @voxel_pirate did state… they are not actually playing the game just a Pre-Alpha… so normally a state of the game that is not handed out.
If nothing changes all of us other have to wait until December, which not means they could not decide to hand earlier builds to people to help find really major bugs which prevent a Beta-Start.

And no fear, you are missing nothing @finnciman303, the Pre-Alpha is only what the guys on youtube show ^^
Chopping some not regrowing tress, placing stockpiles and aside of their looks, useless buildings.

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The team did ask what state we thought the game should be in before they considered letting some people get their hands on it.

My immediate reaction is to say, “give me game noaw!” But I actually think they should wait until they have at least a few more mechanics in the game before they let any of the public get their hands on it.


If you see how little the pre-pre-alpha was I think everyone would be disappointed and already kind of bummed out before they even started playing the beta. So you’re definitely right.

Not only that. Imagine the bugreports storming in on the brothers. They’d have to handle well-intended reports that won’t be any helpful that early in development, because the both of them surely know that those bugs are there already. In other words, it would be counter productive in the early stages of development, to let a lot people “play” the game.

I want whatever they got right now, and then just release updates each week or whatever.
I hope they take the 3/4 of a million dollars and hire a staff. Just a thought.
then again, perhaps mojang (spits) will have an oh shhhhht moment and start adding things to their game that make it a game, or at least entertaining, and i’ll have something to do for the next 6 months while they get this game pretty
I can tell that once this is released i’ll never play mindnumbingcraft again

Can I have your account then? I know a bunch of people who’d like to play Minecraft. :smiley:

Just get the demo, it’s free

@Tigax the money is mostly intended to pay their own needs, pay rent for an office (they work from home at the moment) and hire more staff than only @sdee over time.
Some money has to go extra ways though, like for the music-stretchgoal but you can bet that most money is for more people to manage the workload.

I tried to crunch some numbers and found, that the base-goal would have been enough to carry both brothers through the time until the release.

I can understand why people want the game now, I really can, but I just don’t think it’s gonna benefit anybody.

Get a good solid base going, that is gonna be easy to add to on this weekly/ fortnightly/ whenever basis, and then get it out there, I just think that with so much to get in there, it would probably do more harm than good to get a version out this early … but anyway we’ve already had a massive discussion regarding alpha!