Gameplay Ideas and Suggestions

So, guys, what do you think about the information released so far? Should any of it be changed, and if so, why? What kinds of things do you want to see being most extensive first, ie which aspects should have priority over others?

Devs, I also have to ask, what kind of timeframe do we have on seeing another YouTube private release-type-thing? Are we talking about a few weeks or not-until-November?

Well, I think they are still planning on preset workshops, and I’m not a plan of that. I’d much rather have them be set up by me, with the amount of space that I want, and in the right building. Not a fan of the tiny constricted preset areas.

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this was answered in the 2nd to last live stream, and captured here…

will there be any additional pre-beta builds provided to your youtube

Answer: yes, as we get closer to beta

I heard all of that, but I was just wondering about a timeframe on that.

if memory serves, @Tom said it would likely be 1-2 weeks before the beta drops (which we dont know the exact date for yet) … among other reasons, they didnt want the youtubers “lording it over” the rest of us… :wink:

Yeah, I guess that’s true. I just hope that we get to see all of these implementations in the next livestream, @Tom and @Ponder!

agreed… one of my other questions in the live stream bank was whether we would see a few “let’s plays” from the team themselves…

just a simple “im going to sit down and play the game, in its current state, for the next 10 minutes”… obviously this is more viable once the various systems and pieces they’re all working on get stitched together…

here’s hoping! :smiley:


I am pretty sure that the workshops are going to be built piece by piece. There was a thread a while back that @Tom commented on confirming it. He also confirmed it again in the last 2 live streams talking about how each piece of the workshop will be built and upgraded separately. This means you can make your workshops as big or as small as you like.