A huge boost to Kickstarter

I’ve backed several of REALLY good campaigns, that have gotten in contact with some well-known YT celebs like TotalBiscuit, Angry Joe, Ohmwrecker, Jesse Cox, ForceSC2Strategy, and many more to help Kickstarter their campaign. It’d be cool, once they have a working Alpha or even Pre-Alpha, to have a small gameplay preview with them to help promote their Kickstarter.

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What exactly are you saying? You know these people personally?

I don’t think they will release the Alpha. We will all have to wait for the beta. I’m sure the YTers your talking about will find away to promote the game, If they like it. That’s what I did my Youtube.

I think what he is trying to say, in very broken english, is that they should reach out to the popular youtube gaming channels and make some form of the game available to them so they can try it and then promote it. Thus, raising awareness of the game.


Well, I think it would be great if these YT’ers could promote the game. Perhaps it would give a good boost to the kickstarter!

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Yeah, I have been posting it about it in various locals myself, get some funds. Co-op Multiplayer is a necessity.

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