[Alpha19] Assassin Class Mod


@Aviex are you ever going to impliment this into alpha 21, i was going to start playing and then relieaze this mod is alpha 19


I’ve been waiting for a class like that for a long time. Great work!
But I have a few suggestions.
Now I think that the paralyzing attack is too OP even at 80%, So why don’t you give the Herbalist AND the Blacksmith a role in this mod. It would be great if the herbalist can craft a poison, that the blacksmith would use to make a poison dagger or some other weapon.
Or even make the assassin equip the herbalist’s poison directly, sort of how the archer equips different types of arrows.
That would make the assassin less OP (I’m not having a hard time with enemies as it is)
And also lets you have something to craft/upgrade for him.
I want the guy to be strong but I want to make him strong myself, and not at the beginning.

I also think he should have a sneak attack:
When not in combat, if he gets in the vision range of enemies, he goes into sneaking, where he moves slow and is half transparent to the player (for aesthetics) his first attack is then lethal (one shot kill for common foes) but then he can escape with his superior speed.
That would be a great way to launch a full attack on an enemy party. Or if you see a small group of goblins walkin around the woods, you could send in 2 assassins to finish them quickly without using your defending units.
Meanwhile, the assassin can be used defensively, you could turn on his sneaking manually and leave him waiting in a strategic spot (gate,…) for enemies to pass and meet their doom. Either way, while the sneaking is on, he sould engage in combat once the enemy is in melee range, so either of these ideas would work.
I just don’t want the assassin to be another fighting class like the others.


Hey so i wanted to download the mod but the link doesnt work
Could you repost the link please
Thanks in advance


Is there still a need for combat classes in the latest stonehearth?

  • Yes
  • No

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Based on feedback I’ll consider updating this mod maybe remaking it entirely.


How about giving them a first strike ability? As last ability to get, maybe. They sneak to an enemy of choice (maybe less sneaking more not being attacked, if that’s not possible), deal serious damage on the first blow and get back to normal damage afterwards, because sneak ends upon attacking. Also, how about making the criteria to promote a lvl ? soldier, but also a lvl ? herbalist? So, he’s using poison or something.

Actually, I was thinking about a similar mod by myself, so I had some thought about it already :smiley:


I decided I’m just going to redo my combat class mods with the assassin’s features kept somewhat.

Since it seems overwhelmingly positive votes that combat is still a major part of the game I will restart my mod with combat classes.


Out of curiosity does anyone still possibly have the old assassin mod files?

My google drive was wiped and I kinda wanted to grab something from the old assassin mod files for my new project. :frowning:

[WIP] Combat Evolved Mod

@Aviex Ermmm… Excuse me, if I want to make a new assassin mod, do I need to get permission from you. If yes, could you please allow me to make a different assassin mod?


If you don’t use his stuff you don’t need his permission. If you DO want to use his, existing stuff you do.
@DJKelvin (and then I’m talking about code and models, not ideas)


Nope, I just want to make an assassin mod, not using his stuff