[Alpha19] Assassin Class Mod


#New Stuff

Added in something I was working on this weekend, a Stats summary page for a combat class.

Basically to give a player a better idea of what a combat class accels in.

The Assassin is a high damage and high speed class but lacks in Regen and Defense, so a Healer is recommended!

I will be making one of these for all future combat classes I work on.

#Stuff coming soon

For example, I’ve also been working on an axe slingng, bloodthirsty, tough son of a gun The Berserker.

The class isn’t entirely ready to be shown, but as an example for what I’m going for for the Berserker is a regen heavy tanky class. He may not hit much, but allows the player to go without clerics for a bit longer.


Wait, I always had an idea of berserkers being the opposite of this. A high damage, low defense class.


I slightly changed the role the Berserkers are going to fill to not overlap with the Assassin so much.

But they will be a “high” damage class as in they will be able to do a large amount of damage before requiring help. As opposed to the currently existing classes almost relying on a cleric to heal them from the start of the fight.

The defense is probably going to be lowered, and the damage will probably be raised. I’m currently in between two sets of armor, one is a shirtless tatto’d viking style manly man and the other is only wearing a simple brassard to cover his fighting arm.

The main focus of the Berserker will be his sustainability through his “bloodlust” essentially making him a 1 man army good at fighting small crowds or 1v1 while still being able to be overwhelmed.

The class isn’t finished yet so there will be some minor tweaking. Probably 4 “hearts” of Damage and 3 “hearts” of defense is more likely.


Hey, @Aviex really enjoying the assassin class save for one small issue. When selecting the protect this area option the Assassin doesn’t group up with the other party members.


Thanks for the report Greymatter. Glad you like the mod.

I see what’s causing the bug and have fixed it.

I also noticed the version I had on the download was actually old and still had problems w/ the female outfit(shoulders/hands).

Those should be fixed as well with the new version.

If you like the Assassin my next combat class mod should be coming soon!

The Berserker is personally my favorite combat class I’ve worked on yet, it actually has a few unique buffs that were a bit tricky to get working in game.

Hopefully after the current mod I’m working on with a couple others is released, the berserker along with a game mode mod will quickly follow.


So I tried the Assassin mod and there is a huge problem with my assasin his courage attribute is as low as that of a normal settler. Don’t know if it’s a bug or got overlooked. With the courage attribute so low he just charges with super speed to the enemy archer till he gets hit by an arrow and then runs with super speed away again.


here is where balance comes into play, you dont want to make the assassin the greatest warrior on the field because you wanna leave room for others such as the knights, archers, and regular footmen. the assassin should just be the sneakiest with perks of his own just like others have perks of their own. too high of a slowing effect will make him OP, but yet too low will make it useless. you dont wanna make the player think hey the assassin is the best one on the field so lets build nothing but assassins, there’d be diversity and it’d get boring.


I planned to balance out the 3 combat classes I’m adding as mods after they’re all done. Then I’m going to package them all together and make it an overarching “Combat Evolved” mod.

Problem is I don’t have the free time to really work on any of them. Although occasionally finding time to slowly finish the Berserker class.


you could always do the mod in pieces instead of all at once, like you do a little bit and update it, then when you have time add more and keep adding on till you’re done, so go at your own pace.


I prefer to put out a “working” version of a class mod. Like the assassin is done, has all the level upgrades, etc. But it needs balancing but that can come later.

It’s better to release too late with mods than too early. The berserker is also a bit more complicated than the Assassin as it has 2 buffs that needed additional script behaviors to make work.

I’m hoping to have the berserker done by end of December and my next class mod done by January. Though the models and stuff are done for both.

With the holidays coming up I should have some down time outside of my travels to visit family. So I should be able to have something ready. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


what I mean is that you can work on the assassin till its working and then release it, then either wait to see how people find it balanced or unbalanced and fix it accordingly till you believe it is as balanced as its going to get or you can work on it later after you finish the beserker.


The assassin in terms of skills and abilities is “finished”. The only things that might change is finding another class is more suited for a role and giving the assassin something else.

In my mind, the assassins main role is to slay archers. That is it, it’s speed and slows are purposely designed to slay archers. Which is one that that the Knight/Footman lack.


May I suggest to boost the courage of the Assassin like their other combat counterparts? It can be a bit annoying when my Assassin is constantly running away if they get hit once.


Some of the skills have gotten jumbled and needs cleaned up since 20. Everything still works it’s just removed the skill names and changed it to a crazy long name.


Any ETA on Berserker class mod?


I only have one issue keeping me from downloading this; the knives are way too big. Probably should’ve used the Trapper’s knife as a reference for the size.


I see what you mean, but they are not all “knives” at all. The other one being a scimitar(curved swordsskyrim reference), and a dagger.

EDIT: Oh and welcome to discourse @Cheezez :wave: :smiley:!


Oh, well then, I guess I missed that in the screencaps. My bad.


Is there an update coming for A21? As it stands, we’re missing the icon on the Change Jobs screen.


i love the mod
Please make it work with alpha 21
thx in advance