A21 Chabonit`s Mod - Wealth and Leadership R15.04


laugh i should have posted that earlier
thats is the totally right place

cant believe it that it is that easy
@dalabo thank you

But it wont be implemented soon im totally busy with my campaign


totally fine with it. It’s just so annoying when I go through my crafting queues and check that all crafters are busy and then forget the jewelry because it’s not in the list. I only give him crafting tasks if my miners can’t mine because all stockpiles are full with emeralds^^


Ok implemented that not tested not released but it will go into next release


Im no expert either, but you just gave me a good smile on my face!
thanks :jubilant:


Let me guess… Every modder (except for the creator of the gardeners mod) had the same issue? :joy:[quote=“Chabonit, post:123, topic:29744, full:true”]
Ok implemented that not tested not released but it will go into next release

awesome. Well done ma friend^^


Just want to tell everyone, that it will take some more days to get through all the stuff i want to do before next release.
with a great help from @Fornjotr all the needed new models which can be unlocked by the campaign are working out well.
The campaign has reached a difficult point (see my other threads in modding) and needs much learning work to go on. Also i must decide if i split it up in two different sections to fully adapt to the races, which would cause more work.
My brain is flooded with ideas which can be implemented in this step, but i will try to get a releasable state as soon as possible.

So please give me the time to do it right.


Very nice mod, and hang in there Chabonit! Take all the time ya need. :merry:


Totally agree @Logo. You’re taking my job to reply to obvious sh**. Thanks to you^^


Heh, I just feel kinda bad for the modders. It’s a lot of work getting all that stuff done and the community is so starved for actual content that it’s partially shifted the burden onto them. Some may feel the weight of that expectation. Just want Chabonit and others to know that we appreciate all they’re doing and to work at a pace they’re comfortable with. If the modding community starts to get burnt out, then we’d be up a creek.


Oh I guess you didn’t understand.
What I wanted to say with that was that you’re saying what I want to reply but just some minutes earlier so I don’t have to write that and just can give you a like as a signal for my appreciation and agreeing. That was the 5th message where you were just a little bit faster than me xD But that’s good because I’m lazy :stuck_out_tongue:


OH! :jubilant: Well you can always chime in as well, these folks can use all the support they can get.


Thank you all for the nice words. Dont forget it is not a burden it is the fun to bring an idea to live.
I personally like the coding, the learning and to bring graphics and ideas with simple lines of text and numbers to live.
But the most and best situation is when you out there get a nice time when playing my creations. When you involve yourself with ideas and critic.

The second best is to work together like me and @Fornjotr making a friendly model battle in pm.

So thank you out there to all who help, test, answer my questions and also the silent ones just leaving a like behind.


Jeah that’s true. I can call myself a modder / media designer (for example for textures) in various games cough minecraft cough and I know the feeling when you make mods for Dozens / hundreds of players that like the mod but not give any kind of response or even a signal of presence so you think you’re doing your modders work but nobody cares. That’s a total shame…

Btw: It really helps if you use url-shortener (like goo.gl) because they can track your clicks and you get some nice statistics to your downloads ^.^


Now you caught me. I guess we all wanna see your pm protocol :stuck_out_tongue:


From now on, in every game, i will name my engineer Logo…I like nice and friendly hearthlings :merry:

Yea i feel the same! on top of the results from our teamwork, i really learn some things from you, thanks!

ahahaha i am now really curious on what you imagine is going on in our pm thread? :jubilant:


That sounds like a good Idea. Logo is the engineer from now on. And Chabonit is the jeweler. You could become the potter :stuck_out_tongue:

Hm… Sth like That ? ^^ But that’s the lowest end. I bet youre creating stonehearth worlds as cubic models for using it in a mod in stonehearth xD


wow! never saw that post…now i want a 3d printer!


Very show-off, much awesome, such 3d print (Source)


Heh, well thanks for the engineer nod. Honestly my view of stonehearth is like a cupcake. The game itself is charming, adorable, and very mindful of being a happy experience kinda like a cupcake. The community is the frosting. The storybook feeling of the game is gonna draw a crowd that are in love with the idea, but I can’t say I’ve ever seen a group of forum folks that were so darn friendly that really get it. While the Stonehearth devs have said they want the game to be a respite from the real world, I feel this forum and the folks in it serve the same purpose for the internet. With all the petty grand-standing and entitlement that seems to be taking over, I know I can always pop into the Stonehearth forums and there will always be posts that make me smile. Okay lol, don’t wanna hijack this wonderful mod’s thread. Keep up the great work everyone!


Guess you’re addicted to likes and quotes ._. just kidding

Frosting is bad, isn’t it? I think the community is very friendly and… comfortable overall.

The smile on my face doesn’t mean that I love this game. The smile on my face means that the game is a nice base (not perfect, not complete) and that the community of this game makes me happy (no rhymes for today folks)