A21 Chabonit`s Mod - Wealth and Leadership R15.04


Hi @Chabonit, I bring you… new bugs! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

**1.**Missing description.

**2.**Seems like the position goes wrong?


  1. What’s the difference between ‘Obsidian Plated Shield’ and ‘Obsidian Topaz Shield’? Just the appearance?

BTW, I’m translating this mod to Traditional Chinese. Hope you don’t mind. :wink:



  • fixed the typos you found or the wrong en path

the positioning is right at my save game
corrected that with R012 i thought

The Topaz shield blocks more often with a higher chance, i dont know if that is “feelable” in the game

The changes will be in the next release

Known issues:

  • broken scale helm iconic
  • bad scale mail and plate mail iconics
  • bad positioning of scale helm and great helm - i dont know why thez dont fit every head the same


  • its a female / male positioning problem. since there is no difference in my models but in the heads. I will get to that soon


I start a new game with the mod just downloaded, and it still looks weird.


read edit above, pls


Oh ok, didn’t notice that. Thank you.
Keep the good work! :+1:


Ok the archer eyes are a bit complicated.
I dont no why, but the female archer chooses the default model from the eyes and not the female part. I changed the models but the only goal i could achieve was that when they fit female, they dont fit male and the other way round.
Maybe i can do something with model origin in the json.
I`m on that.



  • tried to solve the problem with the archer eye jewels. I think the problem was, that the model matrix was colliding with the layer in the json (???). I tested it and at my savegame the blood, serpent and sharpshooter eye were in the right position at female and male (emerald archer hood used).
    Pls test it yourself and report back pls.

  • repaired the scale helm iconic

Known issues:
bad looking iconics from scale mail and obsidian plate


I test all 3 kind of the eye jewels on male and female hearthlings and they’re looking fine. Good job!:+1:


All kinds of armor, fancy new jewels and such, it would appear I’m gonna have to download another mod to try.


Just a quick question Chabonit. Is the plan to get the items apear in the equitmenttab of the hearthlings? At this point i have no idea what the buffs do or in what size the different buffs have an effect? I am sure you are aware of this, but i just wanted to hear what your plans are on this subject?


Hi @Fornjotr, atm if you want to see what the buffs do, you can check the tab ‘Attributes’ at the ‘Character Info’. Mouse over the green number, and you will see which buff affects it.

I don’t think they should appear in the equipment tab, cause they only affect attributes, not atk nor def.


ahh ok thank you @dalabo :slight_smile: hmm i just think it is something that the hearthlings equip themselves with? i personally tried to look for it there at least.


So i have finally got all my knights into obsidian armor and then ordered my blacksmith to make them some shields aswell.
I ordered 3 normal ones and then 3 upgraded on the same time.
As soon as my blacksmith had made the first shield, one of the knights picked it up. This got my poor blacksmith so confused that he started to haul items. He could not make the upgraded shield since the normal version was equipped.
I can of course make 6 normal ones and sell them afterwards?
Is there some kind of thing i do wrong? or is it just the system that brakes this idea with upgrading lower gear to higher?


No everything is ok
The problem is that worn equipment can not be used for crafting. When the equipment piece is stockpiled it is instantly claimed by the knight but not equipped so the blacksmith thinks he can use it until the knight picks it up.
2 workarounds are possible

  1. Produce more normal obsidian shields
  2. Demote the knight zntil the blacksmith has finished working and promote him than again to knight


yea i chose number 1, since my defence would be extremely vulnerable withouth my knights :smiley:


just wanted to post a picture of my upgraded archers in combat, they look really awesome!


The jeweler campaign is on its way but it is a big task. I think there will be no release until the next weekend.
Also i think you can only start the campaign when you restart, because the campaigns are part of the world creation
Pls correct me if i am wrong there @Relyss


When will you be able to integrate the keweler workshop into the workshop menu?


Under 2 circumstances:

  1. i got enough spare time to do so and that is atm not the case or
  2. someone tells me how to do it, because i searched around for a while to track the function which builds the workshop menu but had no luck so far


Maybe you can look into Settlement Decor cause it adds a gardener.

I’m no expert in modding, but there is a file called start_menu.json under stonehearth/data/ui. I believe that’s the place handles the menu, but I don’t know if it needs other part of code.