A21 Chabonit`s Mod - Wealth and Leadership R15.04


renewed the link ido not know why it was broken.
Thanks for the Reply


Alright, thanks. It works now.



After helping @Fornjotr with his ferns, bonsais furniture and so on i got back to work and have some new special jeweler items for you.

The three rings for the footman and knight are in the new release to btain the strength buffs.

I also added some Eye implanted Archer jewelery…to give them the little extra kick for dmg and speed

And the first new robes obtained with metal threads are in there for the cleric

The Copper Threaded Robe

The silver robe

and the gold robe

(sry it was dark afternoon before the hearthling was ready for the pic)

And at last the weaver can now stick a little gem into the archer hood.

Try this out and pls comment the balancing of the buffs. i dont know if they are good like they are or to powerful or whatever. I got not that deep into testing to be sure.

What comes next ?
As i promised, i am on new armors, helmets and maybe weapons with jewellery. Some models are made but not ready to release.

Stay tuned, have fun…give feddback


@Chabonit Chabonit, do the mod not work together with the better stockpiles mod? my hearthlings dont seem to put the quarts sand and amber into the stockpiles.


As said above i have not tested compatibilty with other mods. As i remember quartz sand should go with ore and raw-amber and all others with gems.

As there is no compatibilty patch with BS mod that could be broken because of the ordinals put into the stockpiling. Maybe i should use BS myself to check that.

ATM i am not using any mods exept the ones i wrote myself


@Chabonit would you mind checking the compatibility with BS? BetterStockpiles it’s a must for me and I’d really like to use both BS and Jeweler.


@MakiabelMFE, @Fornjotr

I currently use Better stockpiles and Jeweler, and have come across no issues.


I don’t understand then, I have unfiltered space and they are just moving every ore and stone there is around and just leaving all the gems.


That being said, other than quartz sand and amber, I haven’t come across any other gems. Quite possible it could be an issue, but I would test out turning off other mods temporarily to see if it fixes anything.


Thanks for the Reply i am on that.
Harmonizing the tagging system from jeweler mod to better work with BS.

no it is just that the BS mod breaks the stockpile_ore tag which is used by quartz_sand and raw_gems by now.


@MakiabelMFE @Chabonit I was doing some playing around with stockpiles today; It seems that the quartz sand and the amber are not included in any of the sorting, unless the “all” box is selected. I don’t know much about modding, but it seems that there may need to be a compatibility patch put into place to fix that.

In the case of them becoming deselected, I had to choose the none tab, click the checkmark, and then recheck the all tab.

Hope this helped.



changed the tagging from some items including quartz sand and raw gems to be stockpiled with gems and powders
to go with BS Mod

That is just a work around to harmonize the mods. To differentiate all the resources, crafting items, refined itekms, and so on it would be necessary to write a compatibility patch for BS which is ATM not on my road map. If i would write it directly in the mod it would break vanilla, because of the small window of the original stockpile.


i can confirm that it works. Thank you :merry:


Ahhh…dammit i got distracted i hope you like what i am doing

I love jade…jade ? Thats not in the game…or is it ?



Ok i said i got distracted from my road map, sry for that for those out there waiting for new armors and weapons

It was nice to create some new gem inspired decorations for the wealthest towns
So here it is:
a new mining resource has entered my mod - precious stone ore
with a little cleaning you will get bags of gems - not worth much but useful to craft little decorations.
I took a trip into jade decoration - very green and i hope nice to look at
Have a look:

now back on the road


Hey, I’m trying to create the awakened flowers, but I am having problems figuring out how the get “Wild Frostsnaps” or “Wild Brightbells”. I can not harvest the whole plant into inventory and and soon as you pick them they are no longer “wild”. What am I doing wrong???


Ok maybe i got the wrong ingredient path in there, i check that tomorrow


Thank you muchly. :flushed:


you were totally right. The awakened brightbell and frostsnap were pointing to the wild form not the herbs. I changed that (did it with cactus flower and missed to change the others).
It will be in the next release (very soon)

Thank you for your testing and reply.



What has been done:

  • changed the paths from crafting recipe awakened_frostsnap and awakened_brightbell to correctly point to the herbs - thx @WarpedCatLogic
  • sorted the manifest in alphabetical order to give better overview
  • redone many material tags to go along with BS-Mod - thx @Shinsaka

Content add:
4 new recipes for blacksmith armors
2 new recipes for blacksmith shields


Knight in Obsidian armor

Next steps:
Begin of the jeweler campaign to get some hard to get recipes and…