[A18] Several Problems with this late-game save

I played this savegame for several hours now and there are a bunch of problems. For example:

  1. The carpenter doesn’t build comfy beds despite all requirements fulfilled.
  2. The blacksmith doesn’t craft new stuff (ingots work though) despite all requirements met.
  3. The windmill is not being finished, despite everything in the storage to build it.
  4. The workers don’t change their jobs.
  5. Items, laying around in the wild, don’t get looted.

Steps to reproduce:
The problems should be apparent as soon as the game is loaded. No actions for re-creating needed. Just check the workers, their tasks and the unfinished buildings. Try to make the workers change their job (they won’t).

Expected Results:
1.&2. Hearthlings should build what they are told to.
3. Buildings should be built when all requirements are fulfilled.
4. Workers should change their jobs.
5. Items from monsters, laying around in the wild, should be looted.

Actual Results:

Like described above.

1457130689725.zip (8.1 MB)
DxDiag.txt (78.8 KB)

Version Number and Mods in use:

System Information:

See dxdiag.txt

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Hello @Wewius :slight_smile:
Thanks for the savefile! Let’s see…

The carpenter will craft the comfy beds if you undeploy the mean beds. Anyway sounds like a bug, we’re talking about it here.

The Blacksmith needs another steel ingot to craft the sword, and you only have maintain 5 ingots (it needs 6).

I managed to finish the windmill by placing ladders on tricky places, but I’d recommend you upload the windmill template in this other thread so that devs can use it for debugging bulding bugs: [A18/A19] The buildings my hearthlings will not build (round 3!)

I was able to change the workers job. Always make sure the hearthlings can reach the talismans. Was it some job or hearthling in particular you were having problems with?

The items laying around were eventually looted (although be careful with the monsters, hearthlings go looting without sense of danger :expressionless:). Hearthlings are usually pretty busy with other things, and take quite long to notice items pending to loot when they’re far away from the town.

By the way, I like your houses :smiley:

Hi Relyss

Thanks for checking my problem.

Yeah I noticed the Blacksmith needing one ingot more this morning too. My bad.

Showing available mean beds when they are not actually available (due to them being deployed) really sounds like a bug.

I’ll upload the template of the windmill like you suggested.

For some reason, my workers changed jobs today too. Strange. Yesterday they all refused to go and grab their tool.

Those items really were looted? Because they were laying around for hours at this point.

Anyway, thanks for checking out my problem. I hope I could provide some useful information for future bugfixing.


Oh, and thanks for the compliment about the buildings, although the Windmill and diner are not entirely my creations. I got them from this site: http://stonehearthbuilds.heliohost.org/

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