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Tortuga Episode 4
Building the First Boat Today


Back in Tortuga
Been sick and a way for a while but now finally back again :smiley:


Expanding the Pirate Town


Forging in the Tropics




a Stronger Army


First of the Medium Boats in Town


Upside Down Boats?


Expanding Tortuga
got a lot of suggestions so changed a few things with the Boat House


Stonehearth Tortuga A21 Episode 12
Today i check out the mod MoraRose´s Container Mod which i really love so far it adds a lot of nice stuff

MoraRose´s Container Mod


Livestreaming later today at 19:00 CEST
Link to channel at first post


Stonehearth Alpha 21 The Blacksmith House


Latest Livestream Upload to Youtube
So i decided to start a brand new town for the livestream and we went for Hardmode + The Sacred Biome Mod


Tortuga Marketplace Stonehearth Alpha 21


Next Stream this Tuesday 19:00 / 7 PM CEST


Cool man, your video deserves to get more views! :smiley:


:smiley: thanks man makes me happy to hear!


Going live now on twitch


Stonehearth Hardmode Episode 2 (Twitch Upload
a lot of struggle in this one


Stonehearth Tortuga Episode 15
Finally back again after about 8 days break :slight_smile: