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Arkas Castle | Backside


New Livestream going live very soon!
Try make a roman town today by suggestion from Discord


The Great Castle of Arkas
Today i finish this big project of the Arkas Great Castle


Roman Town Episode 1
Very different theme so a lot to get used to but looks decent so far :smiley:


Stream at 19:00 CET Today


Building a Temple
Roman Themed Town


Stream again today at 19:00 / 7 PM CET


Rome Episode 3
Livestream Episode Upload


Stream at 7PM / 19:00 CET


Nice, subbed :slight_smile:


:smiley: welcome to the channel! :slight_smile:thank you


Expanding Rome
livestream upload


The Ending
Arkas Episode 35

After this episode i will move towards creating a brand new town and most likely with one of the amazing biome mods here from Discourse:)


@Banto, Arkas looks great! Will you be posting some images of it as well?


Good idea i think i will take a few ones later :slight_smile:


New Stonehearth Town (Archipelago Mod)
Finally time to check out this Biome Mod!


Hey Banto! Thanks for trying my mod!

You raised a good point about your bay being too shallow. Even though I think it is important to have shallow water in this biome for a few reasons, I agree it is too much.
Here a first look on what Iā€™m doing to solve that. (sorry for the bright colors, it happens with low graphics)


If you (or others) have other ideas on these changes, feel free to point them.

Oh, and if it is not asking much, can you name a cleric after me? :merry:


Thanks for creating this mod for me and others to play and watch :D!

Looks like some nice changes :slight_smile:
Think for now i will just adjust the water levels to make them accessable by ship :slight_smile: i guess maybe they even did that in this type of biomes irl or in fantasy movies ect to allow ships to get that close :slight_smile:

Sure man i gladly name you:)!


Tortuga Episode 2
Really fun with a new biome and a new campaign/story


Tortuga Episode 3
Expanding Town Today with new buildings