Your Thoughts on the New SimCity?

In March, Maxis released SimCity. Immediately after the release, things started to go badly. The servers were crap, the game was glitchy, etc. So, 9 months after the original release, have things gotten better? Is the game worth buying? If so, do you think the expansion pack (Cities of Tomorrow) is worth buying?

I’m asking these questions because I’m considering buying the SimCity. Please help me come to a conclusion to see whether or not the game is worth buying! (Also, please list your thoughts on the expansion pack) Thanks! :smile:

I got the Deluxe Edition when the servers were fluctuating, and in my opinion, if you like the look of it, buy it. Nothing should really go wrong now.

I haven’t played it, but I heard that it sucks ass.

Even though that it may have gotten better, the games reputation and fate was sealed a long time ago.

Speaking as an owner of it, I would first point out that whatever its reputation, its still really fun. If its the game you’re going in for, you won’t be disappointed.

However, just make sure you have good internet connection and a fairly good PC. The less fun part of it for me was the horrible lag even with my settings at the lowest. It wasn’t an amazing PC, but it certainly wasn’t rubbish. So just be wary. But the game’s awesome.

As for Cities of Tomorrow, I don’t own it so I can’t say :disappointed:

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Are the minimum specs that Maxim listed inaccurate? Or the specs are accurate but the game is just unusually heavy? Also, it’d be a great favor to me if you listed your specs. Thanks! :smiley:

I absolutely would, were it not for the fact that I got a new laptop a few months ago and I can’t actually remember what that one was, other than an Acer Aspire. :disappointed:

However, it was most likely my internet (I’m sure you must know about SimCity requiring constant internet access if you know about the reputation), which although is reasonable, definitely could be better. I normally get around 3/5 bars connectivity to my router.

Whether their minimum specs are fair? Probably, but it does mean minimum. I’d hazard a guess that they are roughly what my old laptop was like, and I’ve described my experience, so they definitely do mean minimum.

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Thanks! This is very useful, my internet connection is great, so now I’m considering buying the game.

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I’m sure we’re all glad we could help… :thumbsup:

I’m not against your free will to buy the game, but beware, EA has a bad reputation for screwing up games, as well as their customers.

Right. Now that EA has taken over the SimCity genre, they’ve forced you to go multiplayer for better or worse.

Great! Well as I said, its a really fun game.

As for CoT, I recall now watching a Yogscast livestream recently and they had stuff I didn’t recognise, awesome looking towers. If that’s it, it looks pretty damn cool, so I’d say go for it!

@Smokestacks, I’ve been reading some SimCity reviews and found that one major complaint was of the cramped map sizes. When you played SimCity, did you feel that the map sizes were too small?

Honestly, I never got to the point where that could cross my mind, as it quickly became less fun with the playability issues. However, having watched some playthroughs, it does seem to be a bit of a pain. You can get a fair amount of stuff in though, you just often feel like you’re constricted to placing grids because you have to be efficient.

That said, you can always play in a large region, and when one city gets too big, begin on another (or get a few up and going quite quickly). Had I been able to play for that long, that’s how I would’ve done it.

I dont have the game. But I think it can be fun for a couple of hours.
They put way too many needless simulation in it and too much graphic heavy stuff to have big cities. And with that took away long time fun imo.

I really wish they just took simcity 4 and upgraded the simulation part. Simulation of cars, not every poop citizens do. And the modular buildings are cool too. That would been a game I would have bought.

Looking at the recent amazon reviews. The servers are still really messed up. I am not surprised though. It’s EA.

I wouldn’t expect much from EA. They’ve ruined the Plants vs Zombies franchise with PvZ 2.

Tsk. Tsk. They used IAP in PvZ 2.

The servers seem fine, have a look at this link: SimCity™ Video Games - Official EA Site

The servers were a major issue in the original release but now it seems to have stabilized. Could you link me some of the reviews you saw? Thanks!

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I’ve been thinking of picking it up with the new update. They added ‘hi tech’ buildings like arcologies? If only it was on steam.

I’m pretty sure they did add hi-tech buildings, however arcologies had always been there, as one of the 4 types of great works you can do :stuck_out_tongue:

I loved the originals, and logged countless hours meticulously designing my uber cities… I haven’t had a chance to play this latest version, but aside from the always on drm, I haven’t read too many complaints…

but please do try and keep the comments specific to experience with the game, as opposed to EA bashing, as much fun as that may be… :wink: