Zilla Reviews: Cities Skylines

After SimCity 2013 was released (I got it at launch) I thought the city-building era was coming to a tragic and slow death… That’s when Cities Skylines came out, I preordered this game, hoping for the best, and my. God. This. Game. Is. Amazing!

From the begging you get lots of freedom. Doing everything SimCity failed to do, modding ( built in modding tools!), Bigger maps, Making your own maps, your own buildings, props, and a ton more. A traffic system that really works, people with actual life’s that they live (People even get too old, and they die! You have to make a cemetery to hold the dead!), An amazing water system, I made a dam to get power from a river, but the river over flowed and half my town was consumed in a flood! There is tons of things to do, and it brings a dying game genre back to life. Take that EA! Quit ruining good series!

So as a lover of city building games, I give Cities Skylines a 9.5/10, the reason that it’s not a ten, is because I have been having some save issues, but the game runs like a dream on my crap laptop! What are you waiting for?! Go get this amazing game!


Do you guys think I should do more game reviews?

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including being on Steam and not that horrible pile of poo that is Origin (which may be better than I give it credit for, but I entered my email wrong and it won’t let may play SimCity any more, even though I have the disk).

The one thing that Cities: Skylines is missing IMO is a large selection of bridge types to choose from, a la Simcity 4. There’ll be a mod for that someday, I’m sure!

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Well, someone has already made a complete model of Los Santos from GTA 5, so a few more bridges is probably not that hard to mod

Yes. The more content on the discourse the better :slight_smile: makes us more sophisticated :sunglasses:


Nice. Is there any chance to build a small town, with a farming and country setting, BTW? This was among the things that worried me most of the late Simcity series, since I don’t tend to play “big” and fast, and like to evolve slowly from small cottage to mid-sized town.

Yes, you can build or “zone” farms if you have land apropriet for farming, just like you can build a logging industrie of you have forests. And you can of course zone low density to prevent them from building apartments and tall buildings.


This does look great, but at $30 and $40 respectively, it’s a bit steep for my pocketbook. I’d definitely grab it when it’s on sale.