Writer's Workshop: Team Radiant Edition! [Round 1 submissions]

Team Radiant’s Journal Entry Competition!

hey folks! as was mentioned here, in celebration for the reopening of our Writer’s Workshop, the “theme” will be journal entries for in-game units… :smiley:

The concept

… a writing contest whose prompt involves journal entries in the voices of various personas of the settlers in the game.

The rules

  • the entry has to be appropriate to one of the 6 existing personas:
  • Beleaguered Leader
  • Hopeless Optimist
  • Lovable Rogue
  • Psychopathic Misanthrope
  • Insufferable Academic
  • Diligent Sweetheart
  • the entry has to trigger on a deterministic action already in the game (embarking, chopping trees, picking berries, eating, sleeping, promotion, etc)
  • the entry has to be ~200 characters, to fit in the space provided by the character sheet
  • the entry must be self contained (no referencing other entries, or people)
  • the entry must be equally applicable to either gender

update: you can submit two entries per round, and can vote for as many entries as you like! :+1:

please use this thread only for the submissions themselves, as this thread can be used discuss the competition and submitted entries… thanks!

The rewards

Team Radiant would take the top-voted fan entry and, if it’s deemed appropriate, include it in the game, providing editorial oversight to keep the final text short, content-appropriate, and in a consistent voice.

that’s right, should the aforementioned criteria be met, the selected winners will see their work featured in-game as part of a unit’s various journal entries! :smile: :+1:

The schedule

submissions begin: Friday, January 17th (technically, you can start submitting them now!)

submissions end: Wednesday, January 22nd at 12PM CST

voting ends: Friday, January 24th, 12:00PM CST

the next round will kick off on the 24th, and will follow the same basic pattern for the next 3 weeks…

have fun, and good luck! :smile:


Insufferable Academic- Promotion to Carpenter

“Hmph, I would be the only one here that knows how to use a saw.”


Hopeless optimist, cutting a tree down, “My other axe is a chainsaw.”

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Hopeless Optimist, Gathering Berries

“Ow, these branches are so sharp! Well, never mind. I’ll just get some more plasters. It probably makes me look cool with all these bandages, like a mummy or something. Although on a seperate note I do feel rather light-headed…”

Edit: Edited because I thought it was 200 words not 200 characters until @CableX17 thankfully pointed it out. Corrections made!


Hopeless Optimist, when the goblin faction invades/is spotted:

“Oh! Goblins! I wonder if they’re bringing any cake…”


Psychopathic Misanthrope wood chopping-
“I wonder if now I’ll get to burn it next!”

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Loveable Rogue Upon Picking Berries

“I should really stop trying to sneak these berries into my pockets. If I keep it up somebody might notice the large purple stains in my pants.”


Beleaguered Leader - on chopping trees - “Dang cruddy axes! We’ll never get enough trees chopped down! Get the blacksmith!”

Beleaguered Leader-

"I am beginning to think that my citizens are not under my control. That an outside force is controlling them… "


Psychopatic Misanthrope, when meeting the rabbit-folk:

“They’re not actually people, are they? I mean, we could eat them or something… Couldn’t we?”


Hopeless Optimist, after eating berries:

Purple berry bushes as far as the eye can see! It's a veritable paradise! Of purple berries. I've had purple berry jam. Oh, and purple berry jelly. Perhaps over the next ridge I'll find something red?

Lovable Rogue, Berry picking

“Collect berries? I’m going to HOARD berries! If an endless supply of jelly doesn’t spell ‘delicious’, I don’t know what does.”


Insufferable Academic, Chopping Trees

"I cannot help but feel the necessity to mention the alarming rate at which we are deforesting the entire region… What? No, of course I’m not trying to avoid lumber duties! "


Beleaguered Leader > Sleeping:

“Sleep is like entering the torpor of death; submitted to the realm of delusion and madness whilst your corporeal form regenerates from the struggles of the soul locked in battle with the mind.”

~like most leaders, especially those surrounded with the memories of the not so distant past; sleep can be all that they have left in life to fear… or loath.~


Diligent Sweetheart > Promotion

“A promotion! Now I am closer to you I can spend all my free and work time with you… is that not great!?”

~Diligent sweethearts can both be wonderful revelations and heart stopping overly attached members of your life… beware the thin red line!~

Lovable Rogue, on Promotion

"Wait no - no no no!
 I am not ready to settle down like that!
 Take it back, please?"

Insufferable Academic, on picking berries

"Berries *Harumph* yes lets just call them berries.
 I am only asking to do proper taxonomy, but does anyone care?
 We can't even be sure they ain't poisonous simply because no one died yet!"

Insufferable Academic, on picking berries

“Where did these nifty baskets come from? Why do I feel the urge to store the supplies in OCD pleasing rectangles?”

Psychopathic Misanthrope, When goblins invade.

‘‘Goblins!! We’re all gonna die!!’’

Hopeless Optimist- Awaking after sleeping on the ground

“I’m sure they’re working on getting us beds, right? It probably just takes time. I mean they can’t be doing this to us on purpose…right?”