Writer's Workshop: Team Radiant Edition! [Round 1 discussion]

If you want to submit your entries then please head on over here.

This thread is for the discussion of everything related to this weeks theme and submitted stories. Be it a critique, suggestion, or just general chat about your favorite submission.

Also feel free to post other stories you were thinking of submitting or other ideas you had around this weeks theme.

Starting it off short and sweet, gotta get back in the groove, haha:)

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i was caught off guard initially… now that i’ve re-read it, i approve… :smile:

200 words? I like it, I don’t think I could’ve been bothered with 400 words honestly :blush:

yes sir… i believe the intent is for it to reside in this (approximate) area:

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Well, I half wrote an entry for the Hopeless Optimist on Embarking, but I got distracted by doing the Hopeless Optimist on Gathering Berries halfway through. Would my piece on Embarking be eligible for next week @SteveAdamo? Or are the rules gonna get changed up a bit? :stuck_out_tongue:

well, we had originally been asking that folks submit one entry per week/round… so yes, absolutely, you could submit the second sample next week…

unless I misunderstood?

No no you understood, I just mean are there any planned changes to the rules? It seems you have gotten rid of anything that could have changed each week like previous cycles had because they had a topic to write about and this one is just about a journal entry (I don’t mind of course, I think it’s damn awesome). But I’m just pertaining at whether next week’s submission rules will just look like this week’s?

Actually it said 200 Characters…

Oh goodness, my reading skills have failed me! Thank you! Will go and count (and almost certainly revise) my post…:disappointed:

oh, yes sir… you are correct…

I thought for this “cycle”, each week would follow the same rules, with the finalists in each of the precious three, competing in the final week for inclusion in the game’s journal…

depending on the number of entrants, and Radiant’s willingness, perhaps the top 2-3 places will all be used…

failing that (or perhaps regardless), we will absolutely run this “theme” again… :+1:

rule update: what? I can do that… it’s a thing, I’m almost sure of it…

ok, so given the much smaller text requirement, let’s just say you can submit two entries per round… :+1:

and no, that wasn’t a special accommodation for @Smokestacks, just because we’re besties…


I like the idea of us or anyone writing in. But will they use every entry? If they do that would be cool. Btw, I wrote a short story called Alieus. Please check it and tell me what you think .

no sir… this is a competition after all! :smile:

I imagine it working like this: folks compete each week, and based on the likes received, are able to advance to the “finals”…

those who then place in the finals (perhaps the top 2-3) are submitted to Radiant, where they will then be reviewed and considered for inclusion (making sure they meet their own requirements)…

@AlamoTom made me laugh. That fit the personality perfectly, well done :wink:

But, @DaniAngione takes the cake, that one was amazing, haha
:cake: :cake: :laughing:

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@SteveAdamo have I missed where it says how many go through? I’m assuming it’s just the same as normal, only problem with that is my memory…:smile: top 2? 3 perhaps? I think it was 2. Gosh I do feel like Steve…

you’re young, so i’ll excuse your misunderstanding of how this works… you ask for the favor first, and once it has been secured, then you ridicule the person who already provided you the service… :expressionless:

as to your question, do you mean from week to week, progressing to the finals? we typically took the top 2 from each week, with the goal of having at least 6 folks duke it out in week 4…

if we can get than many submissions, and Radiant is on-board with the idea, perhaps the top 3 total votes in the finals can all be submitted for possible inclusion…

i still havent decided if we want to have folks simply resubmit entries from their previous weeks into the finals… although, i suppose that makes the most sense in this case… so, if you were to make it out of this week, you could glide through weeks 2 and 3, and submit your same entry for the finals in week 4…

however, there’s no reason why folks cant submit during each week, and perhaps go for more votes with new ideas… and dont forget, we’re allowing folks to submit 2 entries per week…

trying to provide folks the best opportunity to get a highly voted entry into the finals, and hopefully, into the game itself… :smile:


Aw, I feel so stupid right now…

“the entry has to trigger on a deterministic action already in the game (embarking, chopping trees, picking berries, eating, sleeping, promotion, etc)”

Top voted with an entry that doesn’t fit the rules. Sweet, no cake for me :frowning:

well, perhaps i missed the bus as well… does that imply we have to use an actionable word/phrase as part of the submission?

or can the submission simply be a result of said deterministic action?

@sdee, please enlighten those of us who are up well past their bedtime, and are only functioning on about 9% brainpower… :smile:

edit: wow, @Tetragammaton, quite the deeply cerebral entry… :wink:

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Thanks, was kicking around the ideas for a few hours while dredging through my CEE schooling. It came to me in the middle of class. >.<

Sorry for the delay. I’d say that if you “win” with an entry that doesn’t exist in the Alpha version of the game right now Team Radiant will consider taking your entry, but no guarantees, since we can’t just plop it into the .json file and check it in. We’ll have to remember or something. :wink:

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