Writer’s Workshop: Team Radiant Edition! [Round 2 submissions]

Team Radiant’s Journal Entry Competition!

hey folks… round 1 is over (thanks to everyone who submitted entries :+1: ), and round 2 is now open!

Round 1 results

so, i’ve been going back and forth with this, and decided to submit the “top 2” entries for each persona (unless there was a tie for either 1st or 2nd place, in which case, multiple entries would be submitted)… there was also a 4 vote minimum requirement…

please note, we’re submitting more entries than had initially been estimated to Team Radiant, and they absolutely reserve the right to include/exclude any of these… remember, this is all for fun, and the possible inclusion of our material in the actual game… :wink:

without further ado, round 1’s submitted entries are:


Insufferable Academic, Chopping Trees (7 votes)

I cannot help but feel the necessity to mention the alarming rate at which we are deforesting the entire region… What? No, of course I’m not trying to avoid lumber duties!


Insufferable Academic, Promotion to Carpenter (5 votes)

Hmph, I would be the only one here that knows how to use a saw.


Hopeless Optimist, Gathering Berries (6 votes)

Ow, these branches are so sharp! Well, never mind. I’ll just get some more plasters. It probably makes me look cool with all these bandages, like a mummy or something. Although on a seperate note I do feel rather light-headed…


Hopeless Optimist, when the goblin faction invades/is spotted (4 votes)

Oh! Goblins! I wonder if they’re bringing any cake…


Hopeless Optimist, upon waking (4 votes)

You guys I had the best dream. It was about a benevolent being, who watches and guides our every action.


Hopeless Optimist, Awaking after sleeping on the ground (4 votes)

I’m sure they’re working on getting us beds, right? It probably just takes time. I mean they can’t be doing this to us on purpose…right?


Loveable Rogue, Upon Picking Berries (9 votes)

I should really stop trying to sneak these berries into my pockets. If I keep it up somebody might notice the large purple stains in my pants.


Lovable Rogue, Berry picking (7 votes)

Collect berries? I’m going to HOARD berries! If an endless supply of jelly doesn’t spell ‘delicious’, I don’t know what does.


Lovable Rogue, on Promotion (7 votes)

Wait no - no no no! I am not ready to settle down like that! Take it back, please?


Beleaguered Leader (11 votes)

I am beginning to think that my citizens are not under my control. That an outside force is controlling them…


Psychopathic Misanthrope, when meeting the rabbit-folk (12 votes)

They’re not actually people, are they? I mean, we could eat them or something… Couldn’t we?

The concept

… a writing contest whose prompt involves journal entries in the voices of various personas of the settlers in the game.

The rules

  • the entry has to be appropriate to one of the 6 existing personas:
  • Beleaguered Leader
  • Hopeless Optimist
  • Lovable Rogue
  • Psychopathic Misanthrope
  • Insufferable Academic
  • Diligent Sweetheart
  • the entry has to trigger on a deterministic action already in the game (embarking, chopping trees, picking berries, eating, sleeping, promotion, etc)
  • the entry has to be ~200 characters, to fit in the space provided by the character sheet
  • the entry must be self contained (no referencing other entries, or people)
  • the entry must be equally applicable to either gender

you can submit two entries per round, and can vote for as many entries as you like! :+1:

please use this thread only for the submissions themselves, as this thread can be used discuss the competition and submitted entries… thanks!

The rewards

Team Radiant would take the top-voted fan entry and, if it’s deemed appropriate, include it in the game, providing editorial oversight to keep the final text short, content-appropriate, and in a consistent voice.

that’s right, should the aforementioned criteria be met, the selected winners will see their work featured in-game as part of a unit’s various journal entries! :smile: :+1:

The schedule

submissions begin: Monday, January 27th

submissions end: Friday, January 31st at 12PM CST

voting ends: Monday, February 3rd, 12:00PM CST

have fun, and good luck! :smile:

Diligent Sweetheart, on picking berries.

These berries look so sweet… almost as sweet as me!


Hopeless Optimist, embarking

“Oh, what an exciting world it is! Full of wonder, courage, and the prospect of true love just around the corner… either that or, you know, a goblin army of doom. Here’s hoping for the former!”


Diligent Sweetheart, collecting wool

“I kind of feel bad about shearing all the poor sheep here, but their fluffy coats WERE starting to become a threat to my own cuteness level…”


Psychopathic Misanthrope, on being promoted:

I have power! This feeling of being more important than you lowly workers… this, this is the true meaning of euphoria! I shall lord over you insignificant mites! Your very existence is determined and terminated by my hands, and my hands alone! I am your lord! Bow before me!


My second entry… Lovable Rogue, on crafting completion (of a chair)

One for the stockpile, and one for the black market! Who knew there was such a demand for illicit wooden chairs?


Beleaguered Leader on berry picking

They think they get the berries? No, I am the leader! I get everything, EVERYTHING!

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Insufferable Academic, When sleeping on ground

Maybe if I rotate 30 degrees I’ll be more comfortable…


Psychopathic Misanthrope, while hunting game

That looks tasty. I should hunt a few more and keep them all to myself!

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Hopeless Optimist, when starving:

“Oh, great! Another day without food… That’s exactly that little push I needed for starting my diet!”


Beleaguered Leader, on first contact with the Dwarves

We’ve made a little contact with the Dwarves. Here’s hoping he only takes up a pint-sized amount of my time.


Beleaguered Leader on berry picking

We need to pick these, inventory, calculate the rations…I need an assistant!

Loveable Rogue, when goblins invade or are spotted

Uh oh…I need to follow one of these evil critters back to their lair. They probably have treasure!

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Loveable Rogue , When starving

I am so hungry…

Anybody have some food I can steal…er…I mean borrow.


Psychopathic Misanthrope, On Embark.

They said I wouldn’t succeed in life. They said I was hopeless. They called me insane… well I 'll teach them…I’ll teach all of them.


Hopeless Optimist on seeing an enemy army approaching

Wow, those yard-salesers sure come in force!


Insufferable Academic on starting a new job

Ha! This is what an education brings! A Job! In your face! They called me nerd, they called me geek; well looks who’s laughing now!


Psychopathic Misanthrope, upon completion of a structure.

“Wait, if I can’t burn it down what was the point of building it?”


Psychopathic Misanthrope, upon eating berries.

Aaah the berries are even more delicious when I imagine how they tremble in fear on my plate and when they see my gigantic hand they scream and squeal.
Haha - I gonna eat you all! Cower before my hand!


Diligent Sweetheart, upon emerging

I wonder if I can find true love in these new lands.

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