[FINALS] Writer’s Workshop: Team Radiant Edition! [Discussion]

feel free to discuss this final round here… i cant wait to see how this turns out!

again, congratulations to all the folks who have submitted their work (and to everyone who has participated by voting)… as is evident, there was an impressive number of submissions! :+1:

Currently the OP’s in joint first! Go Steve!

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Darn! Vote for me, and I’ll not abuse my executive powers that much! (Perhaps I’ll grant favors for my most stalwart supporters…)

We can vote more than once, right? And for ourselves? >_>

To clarify liking is voting right?


i intentionally left the authors off the submissions… and i didnt order the entries in any logical order (number of previous votes, etc.)

yes, and yes! :wink:

that is correct, sir…

edit: i just realized, as i made all the submissions on behalf of all our contestants, i am unable to cast any votes! :cry: such is the life of a glorious moderator…

honestly, i dont know how @Geoffers747 handles it so gracefully…

You are a moderator, whoever’s counting the votes you can add yours after it ends and just tell everyone which you voted on here or something

By not trying to hoard all the likes for myself! Like hoarder. I’m on to you.


yes, liking is voting I believe.

My ones arent in there :frowning:
How dare you people not like my suggestions…
(jk i’m fine)

@SteveAdamo we really should have the rehabilitation centre set up to deal with these distressing situations.

It’s also a fantastic money making venture.

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we’re on the same page brother…


That’s great!

But make sure there are enough funding for treatment not only of those who weren’t finalists but also for those that were finalists but didn’t win :frowning: Just in case, I’ll probably need it ‘-’


we’re getting some excellent voting folks, well done!

roughly 48 hours to go! :+1:

@SteveAdamo Are we gonna have the top 3 chosen, or the most voted one, etc.?

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i’ve discussed this with @sdee, and we have devised a very complicated mathematical formula for selecting winners… i would try to explain it, but i fear the sheer awesomeness of said formula might cause some undue stress among the forum…

suffice to say, there will be more than one winner… :smile:

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I would say seems legit, but the Discourse is greedy.

Your statement appears to be legitimate.

Seems legit.



Leems segit.

Oh, god, what am I doing?

How did you do that? O.O

Errm…errm…lets just go with me being a demimod? :wink: