Writer's Workshop: Team Radiant Edition! [Round 2 discussion]

If you want to submit your entries then please head on over here.

This thread is for the discussion of everything related to this weeks theme and submitted stories. Be it a critique, suggestion, or just general chat about your favorite submission.

Also feel free to post other stories you were thinking of submitting or other ideas you had around this weeks theme.

hey folks… let me know if the submission process for round 1 made sense, or if there were any questions or concerns…

as for this round, the rules remain the same… have fun, and good luck! :smile:

@SteveAdamo It appears the contest ends about a week before it begins (It ends on the 22nd but begins on the 27th). :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


so… you’re saying you havent gained access to a time-traveling/paradox-inducing machine yet… is that it?

quickly edits d3rpy entry

thanks for the catch… :wink:

edit: i’m heading out, but i wanted to make a quick update… after a discussion with the lovely and talented @sdee (you should see her origami work!), I think we’ve settled on something like this (for selecting winners)… i’ll provide more detail in a bit:

What if we let everyone vote as usual, and then took the top 3 that related to actual events that happen right now in the game (ie, berries, sleeping, etc) and then took a runner’s up 3 from things that haven’t happened yet–like meeting bunny people, etc.

basically, we can reward people with prizes that are currently available, and also acknowledge the awesome work that can’t be immediately represented in game… :+1:

more details: so basically, we had 11 “finalists” from round 1… we’re now in round 2, and we’ll have X number of finalists here as well… once round 2 wraps up, we’ll take the finalists from both rounds and have a final vote casting in week 3, with six total winners being awarded (3 submissions that represent currently available in-game scenarios, and 3 representing scenarios that don’t yet exist)…

clear as mud? :smile:

I think this is a great compromise on my submitting 72 winners, and Radiant acknowledging all the great submissions we’ve had… any questions or comments?

looks around nervously