Writer’s Workshop Discussion. Cycle 2, Week 2


If you want to submit your stories then please head on over here.

This thread is for the discussion of everything related to this weeks theme and submitted stories. Be it a critique, suggestion, or just general chat about your favorite submission.

Also feel free to post other stories you were thinking of submitting or other ideas you had around this weeks theme.


Will @PDanford and I be keeping our titles? Or will we be getting new ones to show our mass superiority to the squealing masses! ahahahaha

Sorry, I mean our accomplishments? How do these titles work? :smile:


Man I only wanted to submit “You!” as entry, but discourse insists on having more letters :frowning:


well, @PDanford has an “advanced” writing title (multiple writing contest winner), and you have an existing Qubicle Competition title… so, for you its a matter of choice…

you can keep your current title, or opt for “Stonehearth Scribe”… just let me know! :smiley:


You’re on vacation! GO ENJOY YOURSELF.


Ah right, in that case I shall stick with my one and in the unlikelihood that I earn another title, I’ll opt for the one with the most prestige :smile:

And I didn’t realise you were on vacation, I’ll echo what @Geoffers747 said :sunny: :smile:


no worries gents… i have a fair amount of downtime while we wait to attend San Japan! :smile:


@PDanford you actually might win this week at the rate it’s going, 3 votes was enough last week :smile:


LOL I never expected this to happen, lets see if a proper submission comes around.


im not sure if i want to submit mine cause it was not really that good. it did not connect to my story very well. but i’ll do it any ways. :smile:


You might as well just enter and win with no current serious posts :smile:


good point! but i like this 1 with its cliff hanger ending and also makes the next week easier to know whats happening. how can you beat @Tom helping?


@Geoffers747, @voxel_pirate and i have been tossing around some ideas for a … well, a rewrite if you will for the writer’s workshop competition…

with any luck, i can hash it out and introduce the changes for next weeks competition… we want to see more entries! :smile:


i dont think its safe to throw ideas around. you could break something

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