Writer’s Workshop Discussion. Cycle 2, Week 4 - FINALS

If you want to submit your stories then please head on over here.

This thread is for the discussion of everything related to this weeks theme and submitted stories. Be it a critique, suggestion, or just general chat about your favorite submission.

Also feel free to post other stories you were thinking of submitting or other ideas you had around this weeks theme. If you have new ideas for competition themes, you can submit those right here.

Yes, because that’s what we did last time!

We’ll end up talking about my army of pillow monsters! Mark my words! Oh, never mind, this is a forum, they’re already been marked…

@CableX17… loved your entry! evoked quite a bit of emotion… well done! :smile:

Just finished my entry! Perhaps not quite as funny as the first, but still a bit of humor and some depth and action to fill it out. It’s a continuation of the tales from the town of Liyl, an endeavoring little bastion in the middle of wind-swept wild plains, neighbored by the Titanic Ruin, a mass of decaying flora that once was an attacking Titan. As you can guess, I’ve gotten a bit attached to this little world I’ve made.

I’ve got little doubt about what my first city in Stonehearth’s going to be called now, coincidentally…

Also, a question regarding entries, or at least for the discussion panel. Are illustrations allowed to accompany our tale? Mine would likely be drawn, not voxels–but I suppose I should ask about that medium as well for anyone who’s begun using the programs to makes models.

absolutely! anything a writer chooses to use, to visually accompany their submission, is acceptable (as long as its family friend, of course :smile:)…

Should it be with the entry, or posted in the discussion (or both, if pertaining)?

feel free to post it in either setting… i suppose it would have to fit well with a story to be directly embedded, but thats at the writer’s discretion… :wink:

Glad to hear it, that is what I was going for after all, haha :blush:

I was and am completely swamped at work so its sort of like an enforced writers block. Spending my nights setting up computers and helping with a new website privately does not help a bit either.
But an idea is forming in the back of my mind so… well there is hope I can at least submit something… maybe…

HA - did it, hope yall enjoy it :smiley:

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i did indeed… the “cliffhanger” comment gave me chills… :+1:

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Seems like a tie… WE NEED MORE VOTERS!

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My deepest apologies, school started again on Tuesday and I’ve been swamped instantly. For tomorrow, I have 3 bits of homework to do, one of which is to read an entire book which I don’t like and spent summer putting off reading. I will try to enter, but school comes first :anguished:

not to worry! we’re closing up cycle 2 tomorrow, and will be kicking off the new cycle, with new rules, etc.

hope you get a chance to participate! i know i’ll be tossing my hat in the ring more often… :smile:

Thanks, and again apologies. I think I struggle unless I really love a topic. Otherwise I’d have had the sense to enter before now. Gah :expressionless:

well, the cool thing (i think), is that an overarching theme will stretch for an entire cycle now… so you can carry a story from week to week (if you so desire)…

Indeed, I may well do. I also might not. Last year of high school, very sudden and intense amount of work, will be playing for school rugby and football teams, rocketing through grades in music (going for my 3rd grade in both theory and piano within 1 year), playing and training for a rugby team, playing and training for a football team (ENGLISH meaning for football, that is), playing for 2 different 5-a-side teams in two different leagues and going out to see friends Fridays and Saturdays. Free time has all of a sudden become a rare gem. :crying_cat_face:

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well… focus on school, thats obviously slightly more important…

study hard, get good grades… oh, and dont do drugs… :speak_no_evil:

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I just stay up at ridiculous times because my body’s not yet got it’s head (how this literally works I have no idea) around the fact it isn’t summer holidays anymore.

As for school, meh. I’ll try :wink:

Why, look who’s just made all the people on this fourm’s parents love them to death…

my plot to lull them all into a false sense of security is coming to fruition!

i mean… hugs, not drugs?

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