[WIP] The Manaforged - A Race and Magic Mod by Spoolicus

Hello all! I’m not dead! Well, probably. Anyway, today I come back from my long absence (3-4 months since my last post!) to present something I’ve been cooking up the past few days: An idea that will (should time and college permit) come to fruition in the near future! I present to you all, The Manaforged…Concept!

As you can clearly see, the concept isn’t very fleshed out in terms of design. I plan to have the final basic settler design finished sometime next week though. From this picture, you can clearly see three distinct features:

  • Long ears - The race will have elf-style ears, but will not be actual elves.
  • The purple hair - Purple is the standard color of all hair for the Manaforged, with slight variations from settler to settler.
  • The blue-ish eyes - I figured a change from black would be nice. Not sure how it would look in game though, will check soon.

These features stand the Manaforged out from the two other races, The Ascendancy and Rayya’s Children. Alongside these graphic differences, there is an in-lore reason to explain these odd design choices. Ahem.

In one of The Ascendancy’s settlements, there lived a man named Silas Thorne. Silas was more than your average man, however. Secretly, he practiced the mystical art of thaumaturgy. In his quest for arcane knowledge, Silas discovered a book thought to hold the secret of life itself. And so, Silas studied this book night and day for months, until finally he thought he had unlocked the code himself.

One night, Silas began performing a ritual found inside of the book, able to bring life out of a rare metal, which Silas dubbed “Arcanite.” Performing this ritual cost him dearly, however. Perhaps he was missing a component, or was performing the ritual incorrectly, or maybe he was not even a great enough thaumaturge to complete it correctly, but the ritual backfired. A wave of magical energy erupted from the ritual’s center, passing through the walls of Silas’ study and into the village.

Once Silas realized what had happened, it was too late. The entire population of the village was gone. It was a wonder Silas himself was alive. More importantly, however, where the Arcanite had once been now stood seven human-like lifeforms. Their features were, off, to say the least. Their ears were pointed, their hair purple, and their eyes shone with the brilliance of the Arcanite used to create them. The ritual, Silas thought, had at least somewhat worked. Attempting to cover up his mistake, Silas used what magic he could to create a portal to a place far away from the Ascendancy - the heart of the jungle.

Silas shuffled these new people, the “Manaforged” as he called them, into the portal, along with a few supplies. He couldn’t just let his “children,” as he thought of them, die out in the wilderness. Into the last settler’s hands he gave the book that had led to their creation. It was far too dangerous to stay with him, after the accident he had caused.

In the jungle, each of the seven Manaforged appeared. Here, they reckoned, they would begin their new life as the very first, and potentially last, of their kind.

Alright! There’s that section down! Lets cover some other concepts before I end this post, such as:

How do I get new settlers?
Good question! In-lore, the original Manaforged were created with a strange metal called Arcanite. In order to gain new settlers, you must also do the same, using Arcanite as well as the provided ritual book, which is probably going to be a class talisman. (@Drotten do you know if it’s even possible to change the default settler gaining mechanic?)

What kind of entities and enemies will be in the jungle?
Good question again! Honestly, I don’t quite know at this point. I’ll probably make a post in the near future about it, as well as do a bunch of research into the jungle and see what I come up with. The whole jungle thing came to me on a whim. With all the trees in the jungle I don’t even know if it would be a good choice because of the camera controls. We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it!

Will there be other kinds of magic besides settler creation?
Absolutely! I haven’t narrowed it all down yet, but I at least plan to have some kind of transmutation mechanic in place, for crafting Arcanite and changing various things into various other things. Once ranged combat is added, I also plan to have some sort of battlemage or wizard. I’m going to try to not borrow much from my last mod concept, Arcanism. Again, we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it!

Will you need help with art that’s not done in Qubicle? Or sometimes that IS done in Qubicle?
Definitely! I want to match Stonehearth’s style as close as possible, which means UI elements, the storybook race chooser thing (which is fantastic, if I must say), and splash screens. Sometimes, I might need help with something Qubicle related as well. When the need arises, I’ll send up the Artist Signal or something. If you think this mod sounds interesting and you’d like to help more long term - maybe even when I head back to college- feel free to PM me about it! (Credit will of course be given to anyone who helps contribute.)

Well, I think that wraps up this post! Thank you all for reading, and wish me luck on finishing this endeavor! The support I received for my last mod concept Arcanism (link above) was astounding and though it didn’t pan out in the end, I thank you all for giving me support on it. :slight_smile: I’ll have a post up tomorrow or Monday giving some more insight into this mod. Until next time, everyone!


Sure, it’s possible. That stuff is entirely done in Lua though, so you’d have to dig into the scripting part of modding. You would also have to disable the current means of getting new hearthlings, but all that is done through their campaign system.


Thank you for the clarification! Glad to hear it’s possible. It’ll give me an excuse to dig in to the lua code and possibly learn the language somewhat as well. Thanks for the help!


Good to see you’re back @Spoolicus! :smiley:


Thank you, it’s good to be back! I’ve mostly been lurking for the past few months, seen some really awesome new mods come out! (Not to mention Candledark and Frostfeast!)


Spoolicus here with a new update! Today, we’ll be looking at one of the most important aspects of this mod: Magic.

More specifically, How Does Magic Come to Play in This Mod?

I’m glad you asked! Magic lies dormant in all races - The Ascendancy, Rayya’s Children, and the Northern Alliance to name a few. For the Manaforged, however, things are different. As they are being created from magic itself, they are inherently better at using magic than the other races. In game, this translates well into the Manaforged’s starting tech, the Ritual Tome.

This tome allows the Ritualist equipped with it to perform wondrous acts that can only be described as “magic.” This includes transmutating items and the like. Do you need some more wood, but only have an overabundance of stone? Use (for example) 3 stone to create that one wood resource you need! The tricky part is, Transmutation, at least at first, always operates at a loss. Magic cannot give you want you want without some sort of sacrifice, and transmutation is no different.

You can also use this book to create new settlers. By creating a mystical metal known only as Arcanite, and infusing it with as-of-yet unknown materials, your Ritualist can create brand new Manaforged. Creating these new Manaforged won’t have the samefeedback as when Silas experimented with the book. Due to the Manaforged’s natural gift for magic, it comes easier to them than it does to normal humans. However, the more Manaforged you create, the more Arcanite it will take to create new Manaforged.

That’s all well and good, but what other applications will magic eventually have?
Excellent question! Arcanite will have many new and exciting uses in the future. Golemancy, Magical Metallurgy, and more will all come to fruition. When ranged combat arrives to the game, you will be able to outfit units with new magical weapons, such as wands and staffs. Until then, however, you’ll be able to get by on magic-infused swords.

Will there be different paths for the Ritualist to take?
Of course! In the Ritualist’s studies, he may find some incantations to be more…vile and dark than the rest. Your Ritualist could become a Necromancer, for example, allowing your kingdom to subsist on labor from previously dead civilians. Or he might decide to become a White Mage of sorts, using his power for healing magic instead.

I think that about wraps up this post everyone! Stay tuned for more exciting news! As always, if you have any questions feel free to post them and I’ll answer them as quickly as possible. Until next time, everyone!


Hello again everyone! Spoolicus here with another quick update on The Manaforged. Done a bit of tweaking and have begun to flesh out what the basic settler would look like. Here’s the very rough design I have so far, in the front and the back:

As you can see, there have been a few changes. The purple hair is now a lot less saturated, the eyes are a bit bluer, and the ears longer. Apart from that, I’ve started changing the basic outfit to something more fitting towards the humid climate of the jungle. They now wear brown tunics with orange accents and sash. Like most of this design, I’ll probably keep refining it as time goes on until I’m happy with it.

That’s all for this short update! Thanks for reading, and if you have any questions or suggestions don’t be afraid to post them here or PM me privately! Until next time, everyone!


Really cool idea Spool! I can’t wait to see this fleshed out!

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Looks really great! please feel free to use the PraiseDB repository to add it to the list of mods and upload a version so users of the client can grab it :smiley:

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welcome back @Spoolicus! i look forward to this mod, and will definitely be keeping up with it!


Thanks for the kind words everyone! I’ll try to not let this one sputter out eventually, I have some interesting things in mind for where I want to take this! As far as using PraiseDB, ive definitrly considered it and will think more about it when i have more substance in the mod. As far as a new update goes, stay tuned! I should have one up sometime tonight or tomorrow, if time permits. Until then, everyone!


Hello everyone! Spoolicus here with another update on this concept I’m working on! Today, we’ll be taking a look at where exactly the Manaforged will end up.

In the small lore post I made above, Silas summons up the arcane energy required to transport his new lifeforms far away from the Ascendancy to cover up his mistake. Where they end up, however, is unclear. For the time being, I like the idea of the Manaforged being on a separate, but nearby, plane of existence. This way, the main races can still have their own land, and the Manaforged have a brand new type of terrain to explore.

This alternate plane is quite different from the world the races of Stonehearth know. First, this plane is very oddly shapen. For example, trees and other terrain features are eerily misshapen, off in subtle ways that bring a sense of unease. Not sure if I can do anything with the terrain generator to show this but I’ll look into it.

Second, this plane is also much more unforgiving in terms of the strange inhabitants. Denizens range from small and harmless, if a bit odd, animals to Gnolls, Lizardfolk, and other strange creatures. Expect combat to be more prevalent than with the Ascendancy or Rayya’s Children.

Lastly, this plane is much more attuned to magic. By this I mean that magical energies exist in a much greater capacity here, far beyond that of the normal world. Wizards are free to run amok here - expect the likes of Zombies and Skeletons to stay, so long as that ol’ Necromancer next door can’t find a better hobby. But don’t fear! You have at your disposal many options to defend yourself! Use Arcanite to create mystical golems - whether from clay, stone, Arcanite itself, or even flesh. Want to give your settlers some rest from their menial work? You can even have someone become a Necromancer if you so wished.

That’s all for this post everyone! Sorry for the lack of pictures, wanted to flesh out the new biome a bit before I worked on the Manaforged a bit more. I’ll have an update soon about their new look, and maybe the terrain as well.

If you have any comments, questions, criticisms, or suggestions, feel free to post them here or PM me privately! I live off of feedback! Until next time, everyone!


Hello again guys! I’ve been tending to post a lot in this thread lately, but for good reason! I like to concentrate all of my ideas into a nice little area, so here I am again! When the concept stage starts fading into real development, I probably wont be posting as frequently. Until then, however, you’ll have to deal with me! Ha!

Anyway, on to what this post was going to be about! The Trees and Plants of the New Plane! (so far)*
In order to make up for the lack of pictures in the last post, I’ve gone ahead and taken photos of a small design document I’ve been working on. Check it out!

(Click on them to enlarge!)

So, lets take a look at some of the concept sketches in more detail, shall we? On the left most page, we have a bunch of tree concepts that I refine on the right page. On the bottom, however, are a bunch of different flowers, as well as another tree. Lets start by taking a look at Deathbell. Deathbell, contrary to the name, is perfectly harmless. Its petals are a withered purple color, and they form in clumps of two-three. Edread, right next to Deathbell, has petals that are shaped like spikes almost, and are silver in color.

The other plant with a (barely readable) name is Ragwart. From the stem small clusters of petals form around the bulbs, and each are colored a vibrant pinkish hue. Ragwart is one of the only indigenous plants that is inherently poisonous when digested. Your Hearthlings will know not to eat it, however. What is edible, however, are Tear Inkeberry bushes. The berries are, true to their name, an inky black color, and are indeed shaped like tears. Each of these plants and berries can also be used in various alchemical recepies, forming various potions or poisons when combined properly.

Now, on to the topic of trees! On the left page, at the very bottom, we have a tree known as the Ashleaf. Ashleaf trees are nearly barren, with the only leaves forming at the tips of a few branches. The leaves are also void of color, being instead a dark gray, giving the tree it’s name. On the right page, we have a few more trees. First, we have the Corrupted Willow. The Corrupted Willow is shaped nearly identical to a Weeping Willow, yet has one side nearly gone. This gives the tree it’s scythe-like shape. The leaves of the Corrupted Willow are a dark shade of purple, much like the Manaforged’s hair. Next to it, we have Weepingoak. This tree is vaguely humanoid in its shape, which might, or might not, be important. The leaves of the Weepingoak are a dark greenish color, contrasting with the dark purple of many of the other trees.

On these sheets are also some different trees and plants and such that are not named or identified. I’ll leave it up to you to think about what those things are/do. Can’t spoil everything now can I? :wink:

And that’s it for this update! As always, if you have any feedback, criticism, suggestions, or just want to say hey, don’t be afraid to do so here or PM me privately! Until next time everyone!


this is all coming together quite nicely, and i love your concept art, much better then my concept art…

and here i was thinking they were called that because your hearthlings were going to be shedding tears if they had to eat them :wink:

good work so far my friend, and please do keep us further updated!


Thanks for saying! I’m trying to at least be more active than I was with my last attempt at a mod, so hopefully I’ll be able to remain working on this mod for a good while! That is, hopefully well into the next semester. Thanks for the encouragement, and I’ll try to keep you all as updated as possible!


Hmm with the herbalist comming up and the mechanics that allows healing to cost materials i suppose these are going to cost arcanite to repair right?

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You bet! Along with the material the golems are made of. I’ll have a concept post up about it today, along with hopefully some real models of a few plants.


Awesome looking character! Love the idea and look of the mod! :slight_smile:

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Hello again everyone! Time for a brand new update!

Today, we’re going to be taking a better (and 3D!) look at a few of the plants and trees that will make up the landscape of this mod. Let’s get started!

First up, we have the first draft of the Ashleaf Tree, in the Medium and Small variety, respectively.

The Ashleaf Tree has a few noticeable characteristics. First, it is mostly barren, save for a few clumps of dark, ash-colored leaves. The rest of the branches are usually small and pointed at the end, giving the tree an ominous appearance.

Next up, we have the Tearberry Bush. The Tearberry Bush is exactly what it sounds like: A bush that contains several small, tear-shaped berries that are in an inky blue color. The leaves form a slight contrast with it’s deep purple hue, and the bush is also a bit shorter than the default berry bush. (Side note: Not quite sure why I’m so obsessed with the color purple in this mod so far. I’m probably going to change some of the colors around sometime. Maybe.)

Finally, we have the Ragwart. Ragwart has a distinct pinkish hue, giving the land some vibrancy. It also forms in tiny clusters of 4-5 all coming from one stem. However, don’t let it’s appearance fool your Hearthlings - the plant is also very poisonous, so make sure your Hearthlings stay away! However, the plant is useful in various potions and poisons that your Herbalist (coming soon) can create.

That’s all for this update! Thank you all for reading this post! As always, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, don’t hesitate to post them here, or PM me privately about it! I’m always open to suggestions and consider everything thoughtfully! Until next time everyone!


those tree’s looked cool in drawing, but even better in voxels! i look forward to further “3D updates” as i shall now be calling them :wink: