[WIP] Final Fantasy Jobs [A20] - Downloads available


Uploaded new version of the Paladin.

In V4 I have removed the provoke ability and moved Flash into its position, Flash now reduces enemy move speed and damage dealt.

Added a new skill - Shield Oath for lvl 6, Shield Oath is an active buff and when active will increase armour by 50% but reduces damage dealt by 20%.

I’ve reworked the levels and recipes of the paladin gear as well as the sale prices, damage has been reduced on the paladin weapons as a trade off for their increased defence.

Let me know what you think.


Greetings Reyn ! First of all, I have to say that I love your mod, that’s some real quality work, specially on those piece of equipments you can craft, so kudos for that ! I would really like to have news from you and your mod ! How’s the thief going ? Will you be able to make this mod playable for alpha 21 and so on ? Anyway, thank you again for this awesome mod !


Hey Kikokukyka, sorry for the late response! I’m really glad you are enjoying the mod :smiley:. I should be able to update the mod to A21 as I believe its only a tiny change needed. As for the other classes I have burnt out a bit again and need another break for now, I will tinker in the background but I am pretty busy with work too so that also contributes. As always I will return and keep going once the motivation kicks back in :slight_smile:.


I know it’s old, but just curious if things are looking up for updating the mod eventually? And if Dragoon has ever really been on your radar? Spears need love too you know…just sayin’… :slight_smile:


Sorry it’s taken so long for a reply, unfortunately I’m a lot busier with work now and that has really taken over and put a hold to any work I was doing on this.

I will get around to updating this mod at some point but I’m just not certain when that will be :smiley:.

I do like Dragoons…


what happened I want more mod porfa if they can update the haganlo