Ok…Can someone please explain why Discover the Legendary Planet Nexus | WildStar® hasn`t been discussed on the forums yet, as a game to check out? It looks amazing, and if they pull off even half of what they are claiming the game will do, I think I’ve found my new MMO (left WoW a while ago and have yet to find a new home :crying_cat_face:)
Check it out, and if anyone has a spare Beta key laying around (nudge nudge wink wink) send it on over :slight_smile: I signed up for the beta but haven’t got in yet!

Well, I was in the Stress-Test they made last weekend… I am of course not allowed to say much cause of NDA… but what I could see and play, they will hold up to their claims, so far.
I only reached Level 4 though, the Stress-Test was a real Stress on the servers ^^ The short times when the servers had time to work on my actions, the game felt great.

A real Beta-Key is still missing for me though… waiting for it since a couple of months :frowning:


im a tad confused. is it an mmorpg?
nice concept of sandboxing though

It is a MMORPG… much more Sci-Fi though and with unique ideas (at least I have not seen most of them anywhere else until now). Fear could be, Wildstar itself does not have much of a success but the ideas are implemented in other MMORPG’s and help them to achieve a huge success and not just using them as selling point but promoting them as their own idea.

in that case it needs more coverage. more people should be aware. i have signed up for beta testing but its probably too late for that now.
will be interesting to see how it turns out.

you should take a look at this series of “Dev Speak” gameplay videos… they are very well done…

would love to take the beta for a test drive as well! :smile:

It is not yet to late for beta @jollins and @SteveAdamo … They are increasing the number of testers for the closed Winterbeta since some time and even tell how you can increase the chance to be picked “early” (hint: surveymonkey)

In addition, open Beta is planned as well.

And I have to back @SteveAdamo, the Videos they have put together and still are putting together are hilarious. I especially like the one about the Exiles (Kit Brinny is just so mcuh fun) followed by the one for Paths and the Dominion in third place.

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Well I looked into the wildstar… and to be honest, I dont like their model of buying the game and then subing to it. If you want scifi MMO, try Firefall. Its free and its a lot of fun whit constant developement

Well, it depends a huge lot on personal preferences and looking at Firefall (only have time for a short glance into their own beta-promo-video) the gameplay/style looks a lot like a shooter. I am no big fan of shooters (I play them very seldom, once every 6 months at best) so their own promo rules them out.
Wildstar on the other hand is still a lot like “traditional” MMORPG’s but throwing in new things, without pushing it to far (at least for me). In addition, they seemingly do not take themselves all to serious, without attempting to make it a series of jokes.

That does feel a lot like my kind of game which I would enjoy.

I’m not a big fan of that model either … having said that they do seem to offer a really interesting alternative in that you can pay for a month of game time using in-game gold. Pretty neat idea I think, although it does depend on how difficult it is to obtain the necessary amount of gold.

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Well I heard that too. But if it would be like in EvE online, it would be really boring/difficult. To grind gold just for me to stay playing… isnt fun. I know that MMOs with subs stays updated with tons of new content and am not against subing if the game is good, but BUYING the game and than pay for it… its not my cup of tea… I can understand it with… for instance TESO, where the SPish part would be great deal… but even there 60 Euro price tag is just not nice at all.

Sheenariel: yep, Firefall is shooter, so if you dont like them… then its really not for you. Wildstar certainly have something to it, but I dont know if new MMO with this bussines model will succed.


I will not support a game that forces users to subscribe to it (Like Eve online). Games have been, and always should be one time payment. The only exception is if you are paying for a premium account.

Also, I personally hate MMORPG’s.

we’re all friends here… no need to sugarcoat your feelings… :smile:

i dont care for online subscriptions either, but i also thoroughly enjoyed my initial (1 year) foray into WoW… if i can recapture that feeling, perhaps for just a month or two, i would be willing to give it a go…

But sugar is so delicious…

Whilst I’m not a massive fan of subscription based games I do appreciate that a lot of them would be pretty unsustainable without the subscriptions.

You think how long MMORPGs usually run for, the costs they must incur through servers etc. and they as well as usually being updated with lots of content make the subscription worthwhile. Plus these are games that people will usually play over a prolonged period of time rather than being done with it in one or two weeks.


my issue with subs is i wont max out game play on a certain game. i will mix things up and play a bit of this and that. It seems that i might go nearly a month only play once or twice. seems like im just throwing money away. the reason i left wow. enjoyed the game but it demanded so much time from you.

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Even though Geoffers747 already touched on the subject, repetition is the key to retention.

Big games like WoW, or Eve, or say an upcoming game like TESO, shell out MASSIVE amounts of money to keep the servers running. That includes bandwidth and IT people to make sure things don’t break. And that’s just the servers. Lets not forget that they will keep updating and fixing the game. Now keep in mind doing so means they need teams of programmers and the like. They are expensive. And lets not forget customer support.

It’s an expensive business. And as brought out these aren’t games that you play one off. These are games that are constantly changing and expanding (if done right). Personally I wouldn’t mind shelling out 180 dollars a year for a game if it was really good. I could make that kind of money with a couple hours of Mturking (amazon mechanical turks).


Hmm… since this seems to be the only wildstar thread here… Alienware is giving out a buttload of beta keys for this weekend!
Here is the link:

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thanks @Spu! I’ve had a key, but unfortunately my (current) machine can’t even install the client… le sigh

Just a few more days though, eh? :wink: