I’d been trying to get a key for a while D: The alienware one is only for the weekend, but hey, beggars can’t be choosers! :slight_smile:

im counting the milliseconds… :smile:

what makes it even worse is my new monitor arrived already… just sitting there in the corner of my study… waiting patiently…

That happened with my keyboard actually, I got the stand and headphones but no keyboard til a day or two after, the stand had to sit there, built but lonely.

That reminds me, when I get my MIDI cable, I’ll post my new keyboard set up in my music topic, hopefully it’ll come tonight (that’s a gentle nudge to the seller, it’s been 8 working days now, come on! ;)).

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speaking of your speaking of… we need to hear more music from you my good man… chop chop!

And I just so happen to have some coming tonight…:wink:

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So, I’ve bought the game but I haven’t managed to play it yet… Darn you internet speeds! Only 14% downloaded in 3.5 hours… this is embarrassing. Has anyone else got the game? :smile:

I was in one of the recent open beta waves… I literally only played for about 20 minutes though…

I don’t know if I simply wasn’t in the mood, or i’m still somewhat burned out on MMOs, but I wasn’t really enthralled…

I have heard plenty of positive feedback though, and the production value was through the roof, so i’m sure folks here will be happy with the end result… :smile:

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Once again we see the untamed Steve displaying the reviewing prowess it would take to become a YouTube sensation, evaluating with multiple means and not just opinion… :slight_smile:

I ponder where the beast Steve will turn next…

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I got an beta key too for this weekend. played 30 mins and did not feel anything special. Waste of 14 gig downloads. :disappointed:

Is beta only thru the pre-order for weekends, or is there a way for me to snag a free one?

I’m not into the game at all (it’s the same as WoW, and I’d play WoW if I had time for that). But I would try it out and see how it plays.

You can get on the beta weekends for free on some websites, they do giveaways. However, if you pre-order you get access to all of the weekends, not one. Unfortunately, today is the last day of the current one, and then the only other one would be on the 2nd of May. Then you have to wait until the release unless you pre-order, then you can play from the 31st onwards.

Edit: It’s still downloading… Really internet? It’s been going for 24 hours now. :frowning:

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Sorry for the double post, Moderators.

So, I’ve been able to get on and play, and I will say this… it’s a really good game! If you’re looking for an MMORPG to play, definitely try Wildstar out if you can. My first impression of it is a good one. :wink:

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yeah… as I mentioned, very high production value… and their approach to playing as the various character types (and the types themselves) seems to be working well…

the combat mechanic was also a nice change of pace… I don’t play enough MMOs to know how unique the system is, but it added quite a bit of flavor to combat…

MMO fans will probably find quite a bit to enjoy with this one… have fun @Alfie! :smiley:

@Alphie? Sir I am disappointed… it’s @Alfie!

i haven’t the foggiest idea what you’re referring to… and it definitely, absolutely, without a shred of doubt wasn’t my smartphone’s fault…

it was my smartphone’s fault


Got a new beta key for coming weekend. Will send you as I have no real interest in it anymore.

So, just because I love the game and I think more people should at least get to try it… the game is now in Open Beta from the 8th of May to the 18th! You can go ahead and pick up a key here if you’re interested in the game. May I add that it is said that the game will not be free to play again in the foreseeable future.

Although it does offer an Eve style subscription model involving CREDD where players can buy game time with in game currency, and therefore ‘could’ be free to play if you are that way inclined.

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i’m now sad that i uninstalled after the one beta event i participated in… im dreading the 10+GB download…

Just incase anyone is going to play, I play as an Aurin Stalker, on the Realm Eko. It’s booted me off the North American servers and onto the European servers, so sorry Americans. :stuck_out_tongue: