Dawngate Closed Beta


So having played League of Legends for quite awhile I am always excited to see a new MOBA come rolling off the presses. Got into the closed beta for Dawngate, and it is pretty cool. They are doing livestreams today starting at 11AM PST. I think they are giving out some more beta keys, although I know that just registering on the site and waiting a few days will probably get you one.

Livesteams here.


nice, thanks for the heads up! i dont play many MOBA style games (arent they, by design, online/group oriented?)… for those who might be unfamliar with the title (as i was), take a look [here][1]…

edit: MOBA - Multiplayer Online Battle Arena… :blush:
[1]: https://www.waystonegames.com


Yes they are very much online multiplayer games. As for group oriented… while technically so, I find enjoyment in my own play. It can get frustrating if you are always trying to win and get upset at a loss. In a game where you only play against other real people I feel that you have to take the enjoyment of losing. Dwarf Fortress mentality I suppose.


I’ve had access since the first week, downloaded and never played. I probably should take a look


I’ve definitely enjoyed it so far. I know @Skull24 also has played it at least a little. It’s on his Youtube page.



@Ezrick I was surprised at how good the game is. I thought it was going to be just another bad moba. But it’s surprisingly very good and fun. Here’s the video.


The beta is open now, anyone can join. Pretty fun game.