Dawngate Closed Beta

So having played League of Legends for quite awhile I am always excited to see a new MOBA come rolling off the presses. Got into the closed beta for Dawngate, and it is pretty cool. They are doing livestreams today starting at 11AM PST. I think they are giving out some more beta keys, although I know that just registering on the site and waiting a few days will probably get you one.

Livesteams here.

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nice, thanks for the heads up! i dont play many MOBA style games (arent they, by design, online/group oriented?)… for those who might be unfamliar with the title (as i was), take a look [here][1]…

edit: MOBA - Multiplayer Online Battle Arena… :blush:
[1]: https://www.waystonegames.com

Yes they are very much online multiplayer games. As for group oriented… while technically so, I find enjoyment in my own play. It can get frustrating if you are always trying to win and get upset at a loss. In a game where you only play against other real people I feel that you have to take the enjoyment of losing. Dwarf Fortress mentality I suppose.

I’ve had access since the first week, downloaded and never played. I probably should take a look

I’ve definitely enjoyed it so far. I know @Skull24 also has played it at least a little. It’s on his Youtube page.


@Ezrick I was surprised at how good the game is. I thought it was going to be just another bad moba. But it’s surprisingly very good and fun. Here’s the video.

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The beta is open now, anyone can join. Pretty fun game.