Issues with MoBa choices

So, over the past few weeks when I was using public internet sources I decided I wanted to dive back into Pc Mobas. I’m trying to decide wiether to invest my time back into my usual one which is League of Legends, or to start fresh in a new Moba being Dota 2. I’ve played HoN, and Infinity Crisis and they didn’t fit with me. SO, I bring this question to you! Discourse People! Which Moba do you feel was the more enjoyable and worth while gaming experience.

THIS IS NOT A FLAME WAR ATTEMPT!!! Please only constructive comments.

I really like Smite tbh

I like the theme of a battleground of the gods…

I’ve looked into Smite quite the bit, I like how it differs from other Mobas. Though I’m not quite sure Smite will sit well with me, definitely my next choice once I get bored with Dota 2 or LoL (again)

Well, my LoL client crashed a few times, so I just play Dota 2 now. It’s just easier to maintain, as Steam does it automatically.

It’ll be hitting closed beta in a few weeks but… have you looked into Orcs Must Die Unchained?

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Oh, yes, I forgot about that one! Thanks for reminding me… I really am looking forward to that one. It looks like a fairly simplistic version of the other games, although ‘simplistic’ might not be the right word… maybe ‘whimsical’?