Anyone like DotA 2?

Hey there guys! As stated in the title, anyone like or play DotA 2? There’s a disturbing lack of the game in this forums, so I’d create a thread for DotA 2 players. I’d love to firned and play along with any people on the DIscourse.

Anyway, DotA 2: the game some of us know, play, and love. Infamously hard to noobs, rewarding when you when, humiliating when you lose, it is arguably the best MOBA out there. So, anyone want to trade, discuss or friend? I’m all up for it!

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I put in about 175 hours according to STEAM, but haven’t played in nearly a year. I think the last new character they added at that time was the dude who could roll giant snowballs at people.

I loved the game, by far my favorite MOBA out there (Even above my old favorite, Demigod). I might be interested in getting back into it at some point… but I dread relearning a lot of things and completely sucking again. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I like it too. Have not played it in a while. I am pretty low level tho. around 2400 I believe. But am interested to play together some time. I am usually support role. I like harassing people out of lane. :blush:

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Nice to see a few people that played DotA 2! I mainly play Ranged Carries, Sniper and Drow Ranger come to mind…

If anyone wants to friend me, my Steam name is Gilgamesh.

I love these two…. But I played Riki a lot as well, The nasty spider mother thing, Warlock for giggles… i guess i played a lot of classes.

But the Drow Ranger will always have my heart.

hmmm, there are thousands of Gilgameshes. Better add me.

Agh! Riki is literally the bane of ranged heroes…

Guess I’ll need to stock up on dust then! :wink:

Aaaand… Done!

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I… I have played 450+ hours of this game
curse you volvo

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Well my dotA 2 game last night made it on the front of /r/dotA2 today.
Here is a link for those interested:

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gotta love dota 2 nearly 1K hours :smiley:

Really, really, really close game? Nicely done!