League players, rise with me!

I just saw the thread about DOTA 2, and said to myself, “Come on, let’s create some healthy rivalry around here”.

Anyway, League of Legends: the game many of us know, play and love. Infamously “easy” and “casual” to the old school MOBA players, but addictive to anyone who gives it a chance. Rewarding when you win, frustrating when you lose and get flamed, and reported, and your momma is called… It’s most likely the best MOBA out there, the most played game in all history, the game that raised e-Sports to a new and higher level.

I’d love to play with any League players around here, we can just PM our nicks to each other or post them in this thread.

If anyone wants to play, discuss, trade nicks or do anything related to League this is your thread.

I just quit, the community is just toxic, no game should be so toxic that you feel like an emotional wreck at the end of a round for the 45 minutes of abuse you just endured, then you go before the tribunal for saying muted becuase they are a premade and number of reports > validity of reports. The first few days was hard, but then I picked up GW2 again and was like, omg people online in games can be nice, wow!.


Yeah, league is a good game, but I can only pay it if my team is absolutely full with people I know…Otherwise it’s just too hard to deal with a pickup group.

That and I’ve gotten so used to Dota now, it’d be hard to go back.

But a group of lovely Stoneheartheans might convince me otherwise

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Yeah… the commnity is just so toxic it hinders you from playing. It’s the biggest flaw of League. It’s been some time that I stoped playing alone, not because of the toxicity, but because I get bored. It’s way more amusing to play with friends just for the laughs.

Btw, my nick in game is the same as here, I’m from EUW server. Just tell me over here you are going to add me and then go for it. We can make a nice group of settlers (that is how I decided to call people who play Stonehearth) and play some games together from time to time. Just don’t be shy.

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I actually just started playing, level 6 woooo! I’m not sure about the more serious pvp games, but the folks I’ve played with in the beginner bot levels and the community in the newbie forums have been super pleasant and helpful so far.

But anyway, here’s my nick: Vampy3k

Edit: NA server!

I just got used to ignore all the idiots and enjoy to play the game :slight_smile: Sometimes when it gets too much i play with some of my friends instead.

And my nick is: EarthLordGrimnur but i will probably only add people i know is from the discourse.

Edit: i am in the EUE server
Edit2: and now EUW too

Try now @TRJ

Hey guys, post your server as well. It’s a pitty I can’t any of you two, @Spu and @thorbjorn42gbf you are not in the EUW server.

Lol i just played a game where one of the guys called the team noobs well the highest level player was 3 so i do not know why he/she was surprised :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, I added you, we can play some games later.

I am just gonna get a few levels :slight_smile:


League players! Gross! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Ah well, shall we both bash HoN now?

You definitely should. I haven’t played much HoN, but I have some friends that are really into it. What I’ve been playing lately is Strife, from the developers of HoN. You should give it a try if you haven’t already.