Stonehearth Gaming Steam Group

I’ve created a steam group for those in the community who would like to game together for fun and competitively.

Feel free to join it - Steam Community :: Group :: Stonehearth Discourse Gaming

It’s public right now so you don’t need an invite, and we’ll organise some games over the next week or so!


@Geoffers747 are we going to have a competitive team, I believe we talked about this on the other thread, anyway if we are could I become team leader for the TF2 comp team Assuming as goes ahead as planned.

Finally our Comp Team need a name, any suggestions are welcome…
Mine Would be is: StonehearthCompetitive, what do y’all think???

You mean … to compete against people outside of the Stonehearth community? I hadn’t thought about that.

I view the Steam group as a place that everyone in the community can join if they wish to game with/against other people in the community.

If some people want to join together and create a team for certain games then they can obviously do that, similarly if there are multiple teams and you want to compete against each other, go for it!

Ok Ggggrrrrruuuuummmmmbbbbbbllllleeeeeeee

Any particular reason?


first, thanks for putting this together @Geoffers747 … i think the stonehearthgaming group would be focused on the Steam/SH community… a place for those folks to discuss the game, in that particular setting…

i dont know much about steam, or the competitive options available to groups, but i would think that would be a separate undertaking…

edit: perhaps i should read before posting… le sigh

Well it can handle events and can act as a temporary steam forum in between the official ones we get for greenlight and release. Probably best suited to focus primarily on gaming really as we will be getting official forums on there once the game gets put on the store, likely in a few months with early access.

Where’s the fun in that?

true… but its the same thing i struggle with in most of daily conversations… speak first, think about what i might have said, second… :wink:

but thanks for the reminder… perhaps i can actually locate my steam creds this morning…

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I thought someone already made a Stonehearth steam group?

There are a couple out there … a french one, a german one, and “Stonehearth International” which was created by some guy from the Netherlands according to his profile.

This one however is primarily for the people on the forums to find other people to play with/ organise games with.


o i c interesting hmm

I am now a part of the Steam Group :grin:

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as am i, but i have yet to receive either my signing bonus, or free “I :heart: Robert” t-shirt…

color me disgruntled…


I make you moderator of it and this is your thanks?!

Strain. So so much strain on our relationship.


Ok, this is like the third topic I’ve made in the past 24 hours, and I don’t think Geoffers approves :thumbsdown: - but this was kinda urgent. As well all should know by now Stonehearth is gonna be on Steam, and I would like to have some fellow Stonehearth fans to play with, in not only SH but other games as well. So if you all would be so kind - reply this with your steam name and wait a couple of minutes to get a friend request from me (same name). And hopefully we could start some kinda Steam group where we could play together and stuff - well I dunno… :stuck_out_tongue:

I think for exactly this reason the Stonehearth Gaming Steam Group was founded…

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I must be blind! WOW :astonished:

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