Archeage is here

As some of you maybe have discovered Archeage is now open for downloads.
So i made this thread for people to find other players and maybe to form a guild (Though i have one already)
Also just for general Archeage discussions.

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I got a beta-invite not too long ago to that, didn’t really like it tho =(

Also I heard they changed the labor point system a whole lot, apparantly it’s more pay to win now =/

I mised my beta invite because i was sick with influenza :frowning:

I wasn’t super thrilled with beta either.

I was mostly interested in the crafting/farming system, and from what I heard, you have to pay to get a land plot. Is that the case?

Sadly yes, but it is one of the best free MMORPG’s out at the time which means i can get most of my friends to play it :slight_smile:
Also after what i understood from their FAQ it is an one time pay to get to own land which i am probably willing to pay.

If that is not the case you can share land with a paying user which means that i fx. can just pay for one profile with my little brother and then we make half the payment each.

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all the points that drew me to archeage have now been made subscription only, kind of a big slap in the face if you ask me considering i beta tested heavily as a f2p player

Oh important stuff they have said here:

We are currently exploring options for allowing free accounts to also have the ability to build housing and pay taxes after ArcheAge launches while preventing abuse of this permission.

I was kind of looking forward to play it casually. But it’s impossible to play with these queues :wink:

This morning (EU time) I could play a little (home with sick child), but in the afternoon (around 15:45) I logged in to find me in a 2100 long queue. I guess the U.S. woke up… Now, 20:15 (4½ hours later), there’s still over 900 in queue until I can get in.

I’m not impressed :smile:

Yea i really thought that they would learn something from the 2-3 other MMORPGs that made the same mistake the last few years.

mmo publishers? learn what not to do with their f2p money farms? buwahahahahahahahaha

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In fairness, it’s not like any sub-based MMOs are able to compete with WoW ATM :stuck_out_tongue: .

Day 1: "Yay our new MMO is out!"
Day 365: "We’re going F2P guys."
Day 730: "It was fun, but we’re shutting the servers down now."

Nope but Guild wars 2 is totally kicking it’s butt :stuck_out_tongue: Oh wait let us not do this please just forget i said that.

But seriously didn’t they learn anything from the guild wars crash 2 years ago ( Or around that i am not quite sure when it was)

Mmm. I’m not saying it’s a good or bad thing, but that’s just the way it seems to be ATM.

Me, I’ll just keep hitting things with my Ret pally (Alliance, Ravencrest EU BTW :stuck_out_tongue: ) until WoW ends or real life forces me to quit :frowning: .

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Well, with 3500 people in queue (15 hours perhaps?) I guess I’ll just play Valkyrie WoW or make Minecraft movies instead :wink:

Some of my friends had a 27000 queue at some point :frowning: